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In October, I will be running my third marathon in Columbus, Ohio.
The first two (Marshall and Flying Pig) have allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge about marathon running, and I am anxious to start training within the next month.

Being an animal lover, I try to do the best I can to help out when possible. In our house we currently have six cats (all were rescues) and one dog. I wish we could take in more, but we are at our limit.

Sometimes in my free time, I like to go to the Putnam County Animal Shelter in Winfield just to visit and give a few toys that our cats never touch. It's not much but I know they appreciate it. When I was younger, I had ambitions to be a Veterinarian...after a job as a Vet Technician...that changed. People are just way to cruel to animals. I do want to help out abused/homeless animals, but I just did not think that was the way for me. I'm more of a give my time kind of person to help out. For instance, I put on my own race each year to raise money for scholarships at my alumni. It's not much, but I do my best.

That is why, for this marathon, I will be raising money for the Putnam County Humane Society in Winfield, WV. Last I heard, they were moving locations to build a bigger facility, so they are in need of some funding. I have no goal amount, just anything will help. And at the end, whatever money I do raise, I will personally donate an amount based off the total. So, for instance, I raise $500, I will personally donate 5-10% to be added on to the total making it $525-$550. I could give you the facts of animal shelters, but I don't think it is needed. We all know what happens if an animal is not adopted...it's sad, but all we can do it our best. So even if you cannot give money, please take the time to visit a local shelter.


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