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Quality Care for ALL!

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We are a childcare facility providing quality childcare in Indiana. Why do we need to fundraise? Any of you that are prents out there know that childcare costs for children under 6 can be extremely expensive. Many middle income/ 2 income families we meet can barely afford childcare and we are the least expensive and one of the highest quality rated in our area. It's nearly out of the question for someone making minimum wage to put their child in quality center based care. So where are those children going? A they being put in n unsafe situation or being left alone? We would like to raise money to provide grants to families in need. We have families who make just a little to much to qaulify for foodstamps but can't afford to buy food and pay their bills, parents who work full time but just can't make ends meet. Our center provides high quality care, we aare Paths to Qulity Certified at level 3 (4 is national accreditation). Does it make good business sense to have high quality teachers and a high quality program at the lowesst price? No, but it makes good people sense. We do what we do because we are passionate about the children and giving them the best no matter how much their parents make. They deserve to be in a safe, nuturing, learning environment. If we help put more children in to quality care instead of being left t home alone, or left in a less than desirable care situation, maybe we will affect their life in a positive way. With parents needing to work more hours to make ends meet, their children deserve to be with caring nuturing people who will help them grow just as their parents would. Money raised will go towards tuition scholarships, food for families in need and to help us move to a larger facility to accomodate more families. Have questions? Contact us!



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