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Quechua Benefit

Quechua Benefit’s mission is to empower the Quechua people in the highlands of Peru through educational programs, medical care, efficient farming practices, and social justice programs.

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Quechua Benefit fulfills it's mission through three pillars: Preventative Medicine, Economic Empowerment, and Education. 

Preventative Medicine

Anemia affects more than half of all pregnant Peruvian women and children under five years of age, and one-third of school children in grades first through twelfth. Anemia is the world’s second leading cause of disability, behind malaria. If this condition is allowed to prevail, then breaking the cycle of poverty is a nonstarter. In partnership with the Peruvian Ministry of Education, Quechua Benefit distributes the worm medicine to every child at local schools in each community we visit. In 2016, Quechua Benefit’s first preventative medicine campaign treated 1,000 children for parasites and cured 70% of the children who were diagnosed with anemia. With your help, we can do more. 

Economic Empowerment

An average family of four owns a small herd of about 150 alpacas. From these animals, they make 85% of all their annual income, which amounts to about $100 per month. Quechua Benefit's Economic Empowerment program aims to increase women and family's earning potential through job training and alpaca herd health.


Quechua Benefit believes that a quality education is the foundation from which, together, we will break the cycle of poverty. Quechua Benefit has founded Casa Chapi, a school for Quechua children in the Colca Valley and Arequipa, and implemented a reading program to teach Quechua children how to read in Spanish so that they can succeed in school.