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In the Internet Era, porn addiction is becoming a growing epidemic. Some have dubbed porn the "New Drug" with its easy, 24/7, free access. The average age of exposure to hard core pornography is 11 years old. Porn is negatively shaping the sexual template of a generation, and the medical and psychiatric communities are starting to recognize porn addiction as a real condition.

The QuitPorn Group Text Hotline is an anonymous text message support group community for recovering porn addicts. Members opt-in by texting QUITPORN to 908.251.9073. Once added, member texts go to all the other opted-in members. Members text each other for help and encouragement instead of using porn. Members can also call the hotline and listen to rotating anti-porn audio clips to help them overcome their compulsion.

The community and service have been in existence for just a few months now, and we've received regular participation and experienced steady growth throughout. Between our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube networks, we are already serving a growing community of over 100 members.

Of course, this sort of work requires monetary and labor resources. Our service is 100% free. We do not receive any funds from sponsors or advertisers. However, in order to keep the service running, it requires a programmer (me); a community manager (me); a group moderator (me); a cloud-based CMS (which I pay for out of pocket), and much time and labor. I have asked for donations from the membership, but they're recovering addicts themselves, so they typically have little or no money. I am seeking to raise funds for this worthy cause in order to keep the service going. Any help you could give is tremendously appreciated.

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Thanks for your support!

Eric B

Creator of the QuitPorn Group Text Hotline

(P.S. I'm also a member)



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