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CROWDRISE : Apr 19, 2014
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BASED: N Kingstown, RI, United States



Planes on our Brains

Our mission at the Rhode Island Quonset Air Museum is to preserve, interpret and present Rhode Island's unique aviation history through collections, research, education and exhibits – which include some pretty cool planes.

To keep this rich history alive however, we need constant support from generous donors and enthusiasts like you! So whether it's one dollar, or one thousand, we appreciate anything you can contribute. Thank you!


About Us:


The Quonset Air Museum is tucked neatly away in the last World War II-era aircraft hangar on the site of the former Naval Air Station Quonset Point, which served as a major military base from WWII through Vietnam. Built in 1945, the hangar was used to paint and repair aircraft of all types during the remainder of the war. Now, that very same hangar houses a rich blend of Rhode Island aviation history.


The Quonset Air Museum houses thousands of artifacts – from historic documents to rare photos to static aircraft – and serves as an education-based museum. Perhaps one of the more unique qualities is that QAM is also currently actively involved in the restoration, refurbishing and repainting of aircraft in the same hangar that was designed to do those very same operations nearly 70 years ago!


The Quonset Air Museum is home to more than 20 historic aircraft samples, including the Grumman TBM Avenger, a torpedo plane that saw action at the Battle of Midway; a Huey helicopter and an F4 Phantom that saved thousands of troops and thundered over the jungles in Vietnam; an F14 Tomcat, the type of jet made famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun – and just about everything in between.


You can get up close and personal with the aircraft and even climb through the massive Sea King, the same type of helicopter that was used for a variety of applications, like the President’s helicopter Marine One, and to pluck NASA astronauts out of the sea after Apollo missions. It was even used in the fictional Cold War-era film, The Hunt for Red October.


So the next time you are in Rhode Island, be sure to stop by the Quonset Air Museum!


Tax ID: 22-3221296 •


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