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Lina Henao wrote -


We are trying to raise money to support our friend and colleague, Qusay Alfaki, who after tough months in Kakuma -Kenyan Refugee Camp, has the possibility to study in Nairobi and become a World-class Software Engineer.

With your help, Qusay will be able to build a future in Nairobi while his complicated paperwork situation is clarified. Following his passion for IT, Qusay dreams on becoming a skillful coder that will allow him to succeed in the tech labor market, enjoy normal citizen rights  and support his family. With your contribution Qusay will be able to enroll to an outstanding coding school, purchase a laptop and deal with living expenses in Nairobi.


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Qusay is a 24 year old a Sudanese asylum seeker. He arrived to Israel after fleeing torture and persecution in his home country South Sudan, Iraq and Egypt.


"All my problems started after the war between U.S.A and Iraq and up to date I am suffering from it, I  have been in 11 countries just looking for my lost rights…12 years of my life I was waiting to reclaim my lost normal life"


He lived in Israel for 7 years; he completed high school and 2 years of automotive engineering. However, when Qusay tried repeatedly to access tertiary education or get a decent job he was refused. This is the case for the vast majority of refugees in Israel, that due to discriminatory policies, asylum seekers are denied basic rights and have limited access to social services.

In fact, government of Israel has various policies to pressure asylum seekers to leave – including indefinite arbitrary detention, refusal to accept and review asylum claims, limited access to basic public services, incitement and coerced repatriation. The frustration from his status led Qusay to agree to a “voluntary departure“, which exerts pressure on asylum seekers to leave the country, by holding them in a detention facility and offering them monetary compensation to leave, either back to their home country or to a third (unknown) country.


"As a refugee I can say it is a situation you find yourself in you never chose it, despite how bad it is you have to deal with it... the worst part in this status is where your survival depends on others"


The ‘deported’ refugees are not told to which country they will  be sent to, and that is how Qusay found himself in Uganda- not knowing anyone, or the language and with no opportunities for decent living. With no status in Uganda and no other alternatives, Qusay acted out of desperation and bought a forged passport, crossed the border to Kenya and tried to board a plane to Europe for a better life. Qusay was caught and put in prison. After being incarcerated for months (which he describes as the worst months of his life), and the help of a lawyer hired by his friends, he managed to get released from prison, only to be put in Kakuma refugee camp.

Qusay is now alone and is separated from his friends and family who are still residing in Israel. The family is desperate and feels completely helpless, not knowing how to help their eldest son.


"Despite how I feel today about the unjust world system I believe there are those who care and understand the situation. I was in jail in Africa away from my family knowing nobody, I lost hope then, it was like the end of my life it was very scary experience, thanks to friends of mine who supported me and help me get me out of jail, now I have a different perspective towards my future"


Survival at Kakuma is very challenging and dangerous, as Qusay looks and speaks differently from the other Sudanese refugees in the camp, he is subject of great discrimination. He describes life in the camp as a daily struggle to survive, with very little food and terrible living conditions.

We (his friends and family) try to talk to Qusay every couple of days to keep his moral high and at the same time we are trying to come up with possible long term solutions for his situation.  For now, aware that his paperwork situation is complicated and that the UNHCR resettles on 1% of the refugees in each camp, the only possibility to ensure a better future and foster his curious mind is EDUCATION.

He has been all his life passionate about IT and computers, and he is decided and excited to be a student at Kenya’s top code school Moringa, which offers an intense, full-time  and well credited Web and Mobile Development Program and ensures job possibilities after graduation.


Qusay needs your support

The money raised with your generous contributions will be used as follows:

  1. Moringa Web and Mobile development Program- $2,500
  2. Laptop- $ 400
  3. Living expenses for a year, rent, food and transportation- $1800
  4. Extra education costs, basic clothes- $300



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