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Jews and Christians riding and planting oak trees in support of Israel

Jews and Christians riding and planting oak trees in support of Israel Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Oct 13, 2018

The attached video is a reportage produced by the Israeli Channel 2 TV station on our 2017 London to Jerusalem ride in support of the State of Israel. In October 2018, 20 Jewish and Christian motorcycle bikers will ride, including the 2017 team, in support of the State of Israel, from Los Angeles to Chicago and from there to New York; from west to east, covering over 3700 miles in 15 days. Celebrating Israel's 70 Independence year, the bikers will plat, along with the route, 70 oak trees, creating the USIL DRIVE for the generations to come. The trees will be planted in the yards of churches, synagogues, and schools. The exact location of each tree will be marked by GPS. This is a great and unique opportunity be part of a historical ride supporting the State of Israel. Be part of the history in making. We invite individuals and corporations to adopt a tree; the names/the info desired by those adopting a tree will be displayed on the site where their tree will be planted; their names /any other info they desire to be published. will be displayed on the website and social media pages to be created especially for this purpose. Maximum $30000 of the raised sum will be allocated for covering expenses of the ride; $1500 per rider (the rest of the costs will be supported by each rider). The exceeding raised sum will be donated, entirely, to Jewish (in Israel) and Christian, in equal parts, charities in real need of help. For additional information on who we are, what we do and why please visit our website at