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Rabbit Hole Screenings Year End Fundraiser 2014



Our goal is to help students look at their own lives as stories in the making.  Rabbit Hole Screenings is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to using film to inspire underserved and at-risk youth as they reflect on their lives and engage with their school, their community and the world around them.  Movies encourage us to identify with the characters, to build empathy and understanding, and to see that actions have consequences.    We not only use films to engage students in the classroom, we’ve also built an online community and provide students with a comfortable forum for self-expression and discussion.  By sharing movies, Rabbit Hole Screenings encourages young people to consider their own stories and appreciate that the choices they make will determine the narratives of their lives.  

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What does Rabbit Hole Screenings Do?

 Rabbit Hole Screenings collaborates with and supports classroom teachers by providing customized and responsive curriculum that inspires and engages students both in the classroom and online.

 We program a weekly Film Club that ranges across decades and around the 

world from silent films to the latest documentaries. 

 We provide programs that support and engage students whose behavioral issues and academic standing put them at risk of dropping out.  

 Rabbit Hole curates private online forums which build students’ writing skills and are responsive to students’ interests, comments, concerns and curiosity.   

 We arrange family film nights at special locations around Los Angeles.  

 Our Suspension Diversion program meets on Saturday mornings and has helped improve the standing of at-risk students.  

 We are piloting a new Early Intervention Dropout Program in 2015.

What does Rabbit Hole Screenings mean to the students at Fairfax High School?

 "I am so grateful - not only for showing us how to compare films to real life but actually making it interesting for us. As a high school student I have never had such a great English class. Rabbit Hole Screenings has helped me to actually want to do my homework. Other English classes will explain things but the fact that Rabbit Hole helps us with films I would never thought to have watched on my own has led me to watch films for fun.  With all honesty Rabbit Hole Screenings is one of the best ways that students can learn and have fun at the same time."

 "I thank you so much giving us the books ("Perks of Being a Wallflower").  The fact that we could read them and keep them - and that the books were fresh and brand new. They were never used before. We didn't even have to return the books after we were done.  They were ours to keep.  Meeting the writer/director of the film afterwards and having the books signed was amazing."

 "I really enjoy Film Club and the online posts where I learn many new things.  I like the clips and the posts where we can voice our own opinions.  Rabbit Hole helps me with a deeper understanding of classic films and literature. It gives us a chance to see different things and to reconsider each other's ideas. This helps us practice putting words to our ideas and helps our critical thinking skills."

 "We are lucky kids…  I've never been supported this way before and I hope Rabbit Hole keeps doing what it's doing to change other student's lives the way you have changed mine."

What a classroom teacher had to say about Rabbit Hole Screenings:

“Rabbit Hole Screenings has been an incredible asset and inspiration to my classes as well as to me as an educator.  Using film and other visual media to convey subject matter to the students helps enable students to create applicable thematic connections between historical and contemporary class content.  Rabbit Hole Screenings' educational process coincides with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and is of immense value to the classroom.  It helps to develop the meaningful use of the CCSS by incorporating these modern visual and technical aspects into the classroom.  This creates a more dynamic learning environment in which the students are compelled to engage and add personal meaning as well as worldly relevance to their education.  It helps the pupil synthesize meaning across their school curriculum and enhances their ability to analyze and critically learn.  With Rabbit Hole Screenings modern adaptable and boundless format it can be used to enhance every student's education as well as every teacher's curriculum despite the discipline.  It is an incredible tool that can be utilized in any classroom by any educator to improve their students’ education.” 

Joe Jacovo

English Department 

Fairfax Senior High School


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