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Rachele Smith

Rachele Smith
Santa Monica, CA United States
Stuff About Me:

1) I first found out about Thirst Project  a year ago when my friend from the show Teen Wolf invited me to one of Thirst Projects Charity Galas in  Beverly Hills! I immediately became passionate about the cause after I learned about how 1 in 8 people in the world dont have access to such a basic human need as clean and safe drinking water! 


They showed videos and documentaries of people involved, in the charity, in third world countries helping to build water wells and provide water for entire communities that dont have any! The people in the villages  were walking five to ten miles per day with a jug on there head to a feces infested water pond for their family to use for washing and drinking for the day! 


Right then and there I wanted to help! I encouraged my friends around me to donate and our table funded the building of a water well in Africa! Ever since I have been focused on the goal that one day soon everyone in the world will has access to clean safe drinking water! The statistic of 1 Billion people not having access is simply no ok with me :)! I also knew that if the founder of the charity, Seth Maxwell,(your average broke college student)  could start this charity from scratch and raise over 1 million dollars and save thousands of lives I could raise enough money to save a village! Soon after this event I did a special episode of UnbreakableDreams about Thirst Project and Seth Maxwell because he was such an inspiration! 



I started my webshow UnbreakableDreams because I had felt so blessed in my life to be living my Dreams and wanted to help others achieve the same! i really believe we all can do so much more than we think we can...we have the power to  "Create the Life we want to live and we can have fun doing it!" You don't have to settle, you don't have to go along with the norm, you can dream big and achieve big! Your potential is only as limited as you allow it to be! Yes there will be challenges along the way but that is part of the fun of it! Hence my tag line of the show. "If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right" and "You can bend, but never break....Stay Unbreakable!"


3 & 4)

Moving out to LA when I was 18, on my own, not knowing anyone, or how exactly I was going to make my dreams come true was probably the hardest, and best,  thing I have ever done. I was lonely and scared almost every day but i just kept believing and knowing that if other people could do it so could I! I made it a point  to focus on my goal rather than the challenges… i know if I can see myself doing it in my mind enough times its only a matter of time before it becomes a reality!  These challenging times led me to live by another  tag line now found in UnbreakableDreams, "If you dont believe in yourself why would anyone else want to? also "If you work hard, put out good energy, and believe with every fiber of your being you can accomplish your dreams then... Its not about IF, but about WHEN!" (All of the "successful or famous people" you hear about probably wanted to quit at one point too and if they did we would have no idea who they were …. therefore I would not and will never quit) I probably get about 100 no's for every 1 yes… but if that 1 yes is what it takes, I am willing to wait :)!


Being an actress in Hollywood can be fun and exciting as well as lonely and scary! It is a constant roller-coaster ride of emotions of sometimes feeling "on top of the world" on your favorite job with your favorite people to being unemployed, feeling alone and insecure, and in search of your next job! One thing I think people dont realize is that no matter how successful you think an actor's career is after they finish a job in tv or film they go right back to square one in search of the next one! Also please dont let the stereotype of people in LA being fake, backstabbing, and not good people scare you! I have met the most amazing, generous, and wonderful people out here who are just trying to make a difference in the world! It is just like any other place you decide to live, you can find both good and bad everywhere, but your decision to only surround yourself with good people will save you every time! Choosing to only surround myself and work with kind, motivated, and full of life people has been my saving grace through all of my darkest moments!


5 & 6)


We are currently in the process of getting our  501C3 in order to make UnbreakableDreams an official charity with the mission statement, "To help people all around the world make their UnbreakableDreams a Reality!" The UnbreakableDreams Charity partnered up with Thirst Project to make this UnbreakableDream of having access to safe drinking water a reality in this village in Swazi Land, South Africa.

After we reach our goal of at least $7,000.00 (it takes anywhere from $5,000.00 to $15.000.00 depending on area)  I will personally travel over there and document the entire experience so people can see what a lasting effect their donations made in saving hundreds of lives! ( also 100% of proceeds will go to the cause of building the water well) After we have reached this goal UnbreakableDreams charity will start its next project to help better the world! l would encourage everyone to find a cause that they are passionate about to be involved in, in whatever way possible! When you are focused on helping others all of your life's issues seem to not be that bad! It also provides you with opportunity to use your specific talents and abilities to better this world ( what i believe "really living" Is all about)


To help us in our mission of provided safe drinking water for those who dont have any, people can visit the fundraiser website to donate as well as become a team member! No amount of donation is to small! We have a "$7 Challenge" where if we can get 1000 people to donate $7 we will hit our goal! More than anything I hope to raise awareness about this global issue, that many people  dont even know about! The more people can help us share this message the better! This is why we would rather have many people donate a little rather than a few donate a lot! (People can also visit my website , twitter: @RacheleBSmith , Facebook Fanpage , and UnbreakableDreams Youtube page to get updates on the charity, webshow, APP, and new films and projects I have coming out... I have 3 films coming out his year along with the release of my first single/music video "Never Give Up A Dream" , some commercials and much more) Anyone who donates also has the chance to win free prizes such as the new Iphone5, gift cards, and much more.... to learn about these prizes visit  ! My friend Spase, also made T-shirts that people can buy that all proceeds go to this fundraiser ( I will forward pics of the shirts and please tell people to email me at if they are interested in buying shirts....UnbreakableDreams will also have T-shirts coming soon)







Some of my biggest inspirations are Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Analenia Jolie, Natalie Portman, and of corse my mom and dad due to their ability to continually inspire and impact the world for good! I really do  believe that we all have special gifts and talents given to us to better this world, and although some may be different than others or possibly not as apparent, they are there waiting to be discovered and cultivated, and it is our responsibility to do so! It is when we are using these unique gifts to better the world, is when we will always be the most happy, beautiful, and successful inside and out! I hope that people will look inside themselves to become all that THEY can be, to stop trying to copy and be like others, to stop being their own worst enemy but their own best friends! I hope that we as a people can move from making fun of each other for our differences, can start celebrating them! You are the only you there will ever be, cherish that, and make it  a great one!!

 "Normal is not something to strive for, it is something to Run from" -Jodie Foster! I also like to say, "Who want to be normal, when you were born to be AMAZING! Forget being average or just trying to blend in and be like everyone else, you were born to be great, you were born to stand out, to make a difference,  you were born to be the one and only YOU! 


One of my biggest UnbreakableDreams is to be a positive roe-model,  to spread love and light everywhere I go as well act alongside my inspirations I mentioned above and live my dream of being one of the most sought after Award Winning Actresses and Producers in Blockbuster Hit films and TV shows that empower this world for good! 





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