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Rachel Salvia

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Rowing became a part of our lives rather suddenly in December of 2011. Rachel had just finished the swimming season. She did okay but just wasn’t in love with it. Nothing seemed to fulfill her love of soccer, which had consumed our lives and was “her sport”. However that December, her girlfriend asked her to come and try rowing. That fateful day turned her life around. She loved rowing. It just clicked for her!

Her life changed. Her first event was in February. I say event, because it was an erg sprint. I didn’t even know what an erg was – had never seen one or used one. For all of those who are also wondering, it is a rowing machine that measures how fast you row and how much power you pull while rowing. This event was the Southern Erg Sprints in Melbourne. I was there just to cheer her on and be the devoted parent just to be excited that she participated. She was in the 9th Grade Women’s 2K event. I was taking pictures of her and other team members and then I started hearing the announcer calling her name. I was stunned! I looked up at this screen, which has all of the “boats” and their position against each other. She was ahead of every other rower! There were 61 other rowers! I couldn’t believe it! She just started a month and a half earlier! I was suddenly drawn in! There my daughter was pulling and winning her very first event! To me, her time was astonishing – 7:35.1. She was 10 seconds faster than the second place winner! She was hooked! I was hooked! She found a replacement for her lost love, soccer.

That was just the beginning of an incredible journey that she has taken. She has won the Erg Sprints each year and has even gone to Boston to participate in the C.R.A.S.H. B’s. She has two state championships, two bronze medals at Stotesbury, and several Hammer awards. She has accomplished so much and is indeed a champion.

Rowing is not supported by the school or the county. As such, the program supports itself through dues paid by each rower and through annual fund raising events such as this one. As a parent, I choose to make sure she stays with the program at great expense and sacrifice to me and her brother. She will accomplish much throughout her life and rowing is just the beginning having taught her how to balance her academics, athletics, and her friends.

We would like you to consider a donation to help raise money to support this great sport of rowing.



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