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Racine Vocational Ministry's mission is to help individuals discover God's presence and action in all aspects of life including work; prepare individuals for life and work by developing attitudes, habits and skills that promote human dignity; empower unemployed and underemployed citizens to become productive; and fulfilled and help individuals use their unique callings to powerfully influence their communities. Racine Vocational Ministry (RVM) is an interdenominational, faith-based, nonprofit organization created to assist the chronically unemployed to develop life, job search, and employment skills so that they may more effectively participate in the local economy. RVM opened August 12, 2002 with the help of numerous area churches, the Racine Dominican Mission, the Racine County Jail, the AFL-CIO, and many dedicated citizens. RVM expanded its programming efforts for ex-offenders in 2004. Working with local correctional and law enforcement personnel and funded by a Community Development Block Grant, Racine County United Way and Wisconsin Department of Corrections, RVM successfully implemented a program known as the Community Re-Entry Program (CRP). It is RVM's core belief that poverty and hunger in the U.S. is ultimately the result of an individual's inability to sustain "living wage" income. In the majority of circumstances, training, advocacy and employment support can reduce or elevate this condition. In essence, virtually no one who is willing to work is unemployable. RVM targets its programming to the homeless, ex-offenders, recovered substance abusers, domestic violence victims, veterans, those residents who are chronically unemployed or have failed to find employment using traditional mainstream public systems. Tax ID 71-0894219


Racine Vocational Ministry serves individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, chronically unemployed, or returning from prison or jail. Other at-risk target populations served by RVM include domestic violence victims, veterans, recovered substance abusers and those who have failed to find a living-wage income using traditional mainstream public systems.

RVM has six interrelated programs 1) Solutions for Success, 2) Employment and Training, 3) Work Experience, 4) Homeless Assistance, 5) Youth Gang Diversion, and 6) Community Reentry. All six programs offer intensive counseling and case management while serving different target populations or funding sources. Specific services available to all RVM participants include - Community Outreach, Comprehensive Intake, Employment Readiness and Life Skills Training, Employment Counseling, Intensive Case Management, Job Referral and Placement, Employer Recruitment, Work Experience, Educational Support, and Employment Support.

RVM is in its tenth year of providing employment and training support, life skills training, and placement services helping Racine residents become self-sufficient productive workers, trained in  and skilled for appropriate careers, to find placement in meaningful jobs, and to retain their jobs. Through job counseling, case management, monitoring and follow-up, RVM staff help participants address negative barriers in their lives including: educational and career deficiencies drugs and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, emotional health and chronic work-related problems.

In 2012, RVM served a record 629 individuals, placing 424 in employment or employment-related training. Of those placed in employment, the average wage at placement was $11.48 per hour. Fully, 80% of those placed in employment remained in employment for six months or more and an additional 12.3% were progressing toward the 6-month goal at the end of 2012.