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We swab cheeks. This is how you join the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

Today, there are only 9 million people on the Registry. There is only a 40% chance that people who NEED a donor will FIND a donor. That is where you can help. By donating to our organization you will offset the cost of the cheek swab kits needed to register people. We do not charge to register, and it costs $65.00 per kit.

Your donation will also help us continue to provide educational material and hold registry drives where people can join. Moreover, donations from nice people like you, whether $10.00. $100.00 or $200.00 help fund RTR Cares.

RTR Cares is a program where we grant "wishes" to families or children in the process of a marrow transplant, suffering from Leukemia or cancer, or even recovering from some other injury. In 2012 we granted 12 wishes.

So please consider supporting us, we appreciate it, and every patient in need appreciates it!


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