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RRI is committed to improving the treatment outcomes of cancer patients and advancing radiosurgery through innovation, education and quality research with treatment centers around the world. Tax ID 27-1660953


RRI is a nonprofit, 501c3 public charity, committed to prolonging cancer patients' lives using radiosurgery. Radiosurgery noninvasively delivers precisely targeted high dose radiation in fewer treatments than conventional radiation therapy. Radiosurgery is used to treat malignant and benign tumors and lesions located in the brain, spine and throughout the body. It has the ability to conform to the shape of the tumor minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissues.  Radiosurgery is an effective treatment option for  patients that are medically inoperable, have surgically complex tumors, or those who seek an alternative to surgery or conventional radiation therapy.

Radiosurgery is unique in the ability to treat areas previously treated with radiation such as recurrent cancer or metastatic tumors that have spread to other areas of the body from the main tumor site.

RRI funds and conducts research to examine patient outcomes after radiosurgery. We share these results to educate the medical community and public at large. By uniting research efforts to share efficacy and safety results, RRI raises awareness of this life-saving cancer treatment that is both well tolerated and cost-effective.