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RAFT-Families of tragic loss and thereafter

Organized by: Todd Tilley

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My name is Todd Tilley and My mission here is to raise money to provide a community unicance to help my struggling family as we are border line homeless. This is a nontaxable charity, and all funds raised are acquired by your willingness and understanding heart to help a family in need. Each support sent is acknowledge as a gift and should be made out as a gift. I have provided the address to the Tilley family and you can find where and how to send your gift. Once the Tilley family's goal is reached, RAFT will continue to raise gifts to families out there in the same unusual and tragic aftermath from such a sad and untimely event. Before you make any decisions on this let me tell you from the beginning... And then you can make your informed decision to support this cause. I won't tell you my whole life story in this discussion but I will start when it all began.... It was March of 2009 when my mother's boyfriend of 13 years got sick from heart failure and respitory failure and was dying. Joe died March 2009. When the mortgage was do it wasn't paid because being admitted and we already gave him the half of mortgage, the power of attorney was his biological daughters and failed to pay in his behalf... Their reasons remain their own... We were losing everything as family tend to always do this... No matter if it's hurting those left behind... Like significant others such as girlfriend or as it's put live in wives. Once the choas settled with that. My mother and I continued to try to get the finances needed to stay afloat as well as feed our mouths... Tax return comes and we thought all was gonna be ok now ended up a nightmare. We went to bank and found that upon cashing it we were 1579.00 in debt to the bank due to bounced checks and early termination fees we were unaware of. It turns out that when Joe and my mother Linda would pay the mortgage my mom would write a check and send it out. And when Joe passed the bank froze his assets and checks were bounced. Also, while Joe was alive and in the hospital because the bills were not paid the company providing satellite for TV was in Joe's name only and because my mother made a survival effort to make up the loss and pay the bill for him and the household... The satellite company found out Joe passed away and will no longer need service done by his daughter. They couldn't obtain frozen assets and reverted to my mother's account and took 725.00 from her bank with no word or any approval. Upon cashing tax we now were in debt on top of loss and total financial total faced with fees came out to 1575 or so. Battling with corporate office then money was given back when I cornered them on the fact that if you are not on the account and use your card that is not the primary or outside the account, your card will be kept in reserve in case they can't obtain primary account and the funds owed. Word of advice keep it personal no matter how close you are to that person. Anyways, we lost our home because unpaid mortgage and all resources for money depleted. I sold all our belongings and let our home get forclosed on. We tried to get a hardship modification and did but we lost 800 dollars and the modification due to technical reasons. We moved with our money raised to Washington state home to my relatives. We lived there for about a year and moved back home to Orange Park, FL. Which is clay county. A few months later I myself found myself in some trouble and got incarcerated to 30 months. When February 16 2012 came I found out that tragically my older brother Ted Tilley 36 died from gun shot wounds by the clay county sheriff. A bad drug raid went bad when police came to the door shots were fired through the front door and both officers at the front door were shot. One died and one injured. My older brother Ted Tilley slipped out the back door and was shot three times and died due to no medical attention given. While police were saving there team, my brother was shot and left to fight with no chance. He was declared not a person anymore and given a chance for due process, freedom of speech and a rightful trial before being put to death. He was executed by the powers given to the law. This went under investigation by fdle but was covered by easily declaring justifiable deadly force due to the fatal shooting. There is no doubt that bad the sheriff's department take the investigation to the hospital with all injured... There is a great chance he may of had a chance to live , even if he had to face the court of law. After words my mother lost her home again and then moved in what seemed like a friendly face was really only targeting a woman who was vulnerable and broken financially and emotionally. They took her identity and stole her paycheck every other week vis online... Leaving her in shambles, broke and kicked in the corner not knowing what to do and not knowing the person trying to help was stealing right in front of her face. They went through my mother's stuff. Found the truck and car title and added their name to the title without any knowledge and went to Georgia and got car loan with my mom's car title. Never paid it back and when we found out it was too late. It was time for me to come home and was on probation for my troubles.. I moved to Jacksonville and was rehabilitating my living arrangements along with my mother... When our living situation became unhealthy we moved immediately and went to clay county to live in Middleburg, FL. I worked and hung around a girlfriend I had not seen in a long time... I was headstrong with not being around criminal thinking or what's associated with it... She was taking pills behind my back... We got pulled over for a traffic citation. When officer pulled up to the window for drivers license. The other clay county officer came up on my side which was the passenger side with gun out or hoisted sweating and alert.. Kristy screamed I'm scared he has a gun pulled. I said to the officer why is it that your partner have a gun pulled for a casual traffic infraction? He said it was protocol. Protocol for what a high stressed situation. No it was because they knew I was in the car and who I'm kin to. I have been harrassed and targeted by the clay county sheriff's team. They are very clever and have the state of attorney to back them if anything goes wrong or neglagent in their behalf they don't have to face them consequences. They need to be held accountable and don't because they know they can. Now I'm gonna tell you that I am quoting how these events have unfloded on my side and is in my own opinions and based on facts therefore. Now I was told by the officer once they confirmed that it was in fact me in the vehicle. We need to search the vehicle. We both said that we know our rights and you can site us give us our ticket and be on with ourselves. They said we will just get a k9 and twelve minutes or so went by and a k9 officer pulled up and said we got a hit.. Get out of the vehicle they opened the doors and removed us from vehicle... They found two pills and paraphanilia under the driver's seat .. I knew I was gonna take the wrap for this because of who I was, the drama between both sides of the tagic delima and my record. I was facing ten years in prison for drugs I don't do and that were not mine. I took the blame to save the legalities for kristy. She had no record and I already knew what they would do to me had we crossed paths. Meanwhile, I was in the county jail awaiting sentencing. Where the clay county deputies or correctional officers associated with the jail. Arrested me for a event ii never had anything to do with but tell a boy who stole someones food to pay himback. We don't like theives.., this boy called his grandma or some family member and told the police or gaurds that I am Todd Tilley , Ted Tilleys brother the one who killed the detective and he is gonna take my food and stab me if I don't pay him... Now this was all a lie and not true a fabrication to prevent having to go to confinement if caught for stealing. I never knew about any threats made about a knife till I got to prison. I was found not guilty for extortion and attempting to defraud an outside party because I simply could prove I didn't do it. Twenty five dollars was place on the victims account by boys family. I never had any money on my account at the jail... So I what... Extorted for free? AMD who did she talk to? Not me check the recorded phone information again not me.... So I couldn't defraud anyone I never talk to... So I was released from confinement. And this ticked them off so instead of sending me to prison... They send me to prison at the same time as that very boy that checked in with me and the officer and the LT. Personally handed me over to DOC in lake Butler, FL. For intake .. Telling the intake seargant that when you release these two into population , this one is gonna stab this one .... I was placed in cuffs and to confinement. That's the journey that exposed any idea of any indication of a knife.... It was then that I figured out I was a victim of a staged event. I was supposed to let the boy use my pin for phone put money on my account and take a fall in the system... They authority of the county tried to use the system as a weapon to inflict pain on me.... Why would they do that? Merely because I'm direct kin to the offender who just lost his life and took others... Much less the police. When I got to prison and out of confinement it was because cause that boy got transferred. I then went into population and transferred to Washington for transit .. I again placed in cuffs and back to the box for special review because that's where the boy was. I then finally was sent on a negative transfer to okaloosa CI , where I was houses in a HO 5 dorm locked down and I was a HO 3. How I was placed directly in harm's way housed with lifers and gangs I was placed on a life threatening situation by a gang. They wanted my food .... I wouldn't let them get it... They almost killed me ... I was placed in the box as protective protocol and released to population.... Where did I get placed... Right back in that very dorm and all broke loose... The tension rose but stayed dormant as I waited to meet my fate... I thought I was gonna die then. I finally moved to renetry and made it home I got all self-help classes completed and a trade in electrical l and ll as well as OSHA certified. Now that I'm home my mother and my brother had become homeless and living in a hotel here in Jacksonville. The city of clay is trying to shut this hotel down because of violations and criminal activity. If you ask my opinion I believe it's them trying to inflict whatever they can to take my whole family out. We are barely making it by with the expense of living and finding work is difficult being an ex offender. I am calling on your deepest concern and understanding that we are trying to move away. We want resolve, we need your help.... We need to raise funds to relieve this poor family from the burden of the debri left behind from such a horrific and sad situation. If you want to send your gift made out by money order, gift card or check. Please make it out to Todd Tilley for gift/ cash and mail it to 300 Park Ave. RM 247 orange Park, FL 32073 We appreciate all parties that sent the gift of life to my family and pray for the success of our mission. God bless and speed.


Organized by

Todd Tilley

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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