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Let's go back in time to the Fall of 2010. There came on television a spot wherby Presidents Bush and Clinton pleaded to our nation to help the people of Haiti with the diaster from the storm that summer. They needed help. And a lot.

But what about the people here in the U.S. What about the abused women and children here? RainBow Kids was born from that thinking. Hey, send money to Haiti ??.. it's o.k. by us.

But Can we do both? The answer is YES!  WE ask your first donation comes here.. So LEAN FORWARD!

RainBow Kids is a grass roots effort to stamp out abuse of women and children in the U.S.A. Can you send a check for $3 or $5 or $10?  Can you send half of your next trust fund ckeck?? Can your friends help?   This is a contagious thing. Get involved.

Check it out