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We are One Human Family! RWF’s mission is to promote LGBT philanthropy in the area of global humanitarian relief

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Rainbow World Fund (RWF) is an all-volunteer international humanitarian service agency based in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and friends community. RWF’s mission is to promote LGBT philanthropy in the area of global humanitarian relief.


Founded in 2000 by members of the San Francisco LGBT community, RWF works to help people who suffer from hunger, poverty, disease, oppression and war by raising awareness and funds to support relief efforts around the world. RWF works in the LGBT and friends community educating people about world need. Along with raising our community’s consciousness, RWF raises funds to support humanitarian relief projects. RWF provides a united voice, a visible presence, and a structure to deliver charitable assistance from the LGBT community to the larger world community.


RWF has evolved into a national organization and is unique as the worlds first and only LGBT based humanitarian aid organization. RWF currently supports projects focusing on global HIV/AIDS, water development, landmine eradication, hunger, education, orphans and disaster relief in Africa, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, and the United States. RWF also works to raise awareness of the charitable contributions of the LGBT community, and to establish connections with non-LGBT communities. RWF programs strengthen our community by increasing LGBT visibility, serving as a platform for our community’s compassion and concern and changing how the world sees LGBT people by building bridges with the world community.


RWF’s philosophy is that we are all “One Human Family” and that we live in a time in which our survival on this planet depends on each of us giving more to each other. RWF brings people together who believe that only together can we heal the world. RWF is an active part of that healing. We work to foster awareness and ultimately change the separation consciousness that underlies the disparity and global inequality in the world – a sense of a deeply divided world – characterized all too often by racism, sexism, homophobia, ect. RWF exists in part to remind everyone that we are all part of a global family and that we create a better world when we help one another.