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Rainey Institute

Rainey Institute
CROWDRISE : May 10, 2017
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BASED: Cleveland, OH, United States


Rainey Institute

Rainey Institute

Where the arts change lives

Our Mission:

Rainey Institute develops positive growth for Greater Cleveland's youth through education and engagement in visual and performing arts.

Our Vision: 

Rainey Institute is where the arts change lives by enabling youth to imagine and create a future where they are positive and contributing citizens.

Join Us:

Explore more about us below or on our website, "like" us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or give us a call at (216) 881-1766 and schedule a visit to see what we have to offer.

If you’re ready to change lives with us, create a fundraiser and encourage your network of friends and family to help you support our students. CrowdRise makes it quick and easy.

Some campaign ideas:

  • Use your next birthday or another gift-giving day and ask for donations instead of gifts.
  • Run a marathon, half-marathon, or 5K, and ask your friends to sponsor you.
  • Center your fundraiser around a concert or other event and encourage people to give on Crowdrise or at the event.
  • Make it a (friendly and meaningful) competition: challenge your friends and family to “join the team.” Doing so will set up a fundraising page for them. Who can give or raise the most for Rainey kids?

Have questions? Contact CrowdRise or reach out to us at Rainey. We look forward to connecting with you and seeing the success of your campaign! Thank you for changing lives with us!

What We Do:

We offer challenging and unique classes in music, art, dance, and drama for children of all ages – preschoolers through teens.

Through study in the arts, our students develop key life skills. Rainey kids learn to interact and collaborate supportively with others, set and achieve goals, and present themselves publicly through performances and concerts.

Our After School programs, preschool programs, performing groups, Saturday classes, Summer Camp, and Private and Group Lessons expand children’s knowledge of the arts and culture and help to ultimately develop better people.

Rainey Institute invests in young people as both budding artists and as part of our extended family.

Our Why:

Every day at Rainey, we see the arts change lives. Learning through the arts has consistently been shown to "level the playing field" for urban youth.

Low-income students who participate in the arts are twice as likely to earn associate degrees, and three times as likely to earn bachelor and advanced degrees. Participation in the arts can support and improve students’ learning and engagement in school, help develop reasoning and communication skills, and build self-confidence.

Yet, urban schools continue to struggle with cutbacks in funding for arts programs.

We provide a safe, welcoming, and enriching environment and give children and youth opportunities to explore and be transformed by the arts - regardless of their ability to pay.



Want to get involved? It'd be amazing if you created a fundraiser for our charity and helped us raise money. Create a Fundraiser