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Helpers Of Our Farm's Fundraiser:

Raise a Roof for HOOF

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Hi Friends!
October 26, 2016

Thank you for taking the time to read about this fundraiser, we could really use your help!  Henry will be building the structure and we are  See more

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Hurricane Matthew did a number on Helpers Of Our Farm. Although all the animals stayed safe and came through the hurricane just as healthy and happy as they were before the storm blew in, it caused damage in other ways. One was coming on the day that HOOF’s largest fundraiser was taking place at Greenlands Farm where the farm animal sanctuary is located. Forced to reschedule caused many problems all resulting in a smaller event due to availability of attractions and also competing with the traffic jam of the Cape Fear Bridge caused the Ironman Triathlon. That prevented any visitors from that direction nearly impossible to get to the event. The other damage Hurricane Matthew did was to destroy a run-in shelter for the animals to take cover during storms, heat, and cold. Our cheaper solution, but sufficient, was destroyed and we are in need of another shelter…preferably a hurricane proof one. We are looking for your help to raise a roof for our animals. Please consider a donation as enough funds weren’t raised during the fundraiser to make it possible to build. Not sure still you want to commit to this cause? The family that takes care of these animals every day is very committed. Even during their busy schedules, they find the time to do as many things as they can to keep down costs. Every structure, foot of fencing, bridge, shelter, and habitat was built by Henry, the farmer and goat milker in the family. He is out working in the barn every morning and evening taking care of the goats and pigs, despite what the weather is or how he feels. He and the rest of the family work through extremes in the weather (hot, cold, rain, wind) and sickness to provide the best of care for the rescued, adopted, and re-homed animals of HOOF. They believe in the cause at HOOF and its place in the region…show them you do to by donating! You CAN make a difference!



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