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Mzantsi Motion's Fundraiser:

Raise Funds For SA breakdancers

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"Mzantsi Motion is a break dancing crew founded by Edwin Sebilwane aka Eddy-b and Leon Labuschagne aka LabA.

The dance crew has been established to ensemble the best of Johannesburg top 10 performing break dancers, also known as b-boys, to uplift the craft by taking on international battling event competitions. Just as sporting codes and conventional entertainment forms have reached ground breaking levels of performance and international acclaim, the break dancing community seeks to achieve the same impact and opportunity for local talent.

In its first year of existence, Mzantsi Motion has been invited to participate in the 2011 Who Can Roast The Most (WCRTM) break dance competition in Miami, USA. Since 1999, WCRTM has grown to be recognized as a premier b-boying event which has been acclaimed as a “MUST” by dancers, and fans in Florida and beyond.

The culmination of a 12 year strong build- up after visiting many different cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC. ,Orlando, Russia, Korea, Japan, Israel and Europe, WCRTM returns to South Florida with some epic twists and turns to add to the legendary saga. The event is a 2-on-2 break dance battle where the best b-boys and b-girls from USA face- off against the best in the world. It takes place on 14 October 2011.

While WCRTM boasts household DJ names that are invited to play at the annual event from Miami, Chicago & New York, it also aims to promote its global prominence by opening the challenge to break dancers in other continents. 2011 will be South Africa's first opportunity to make an appearance.

Eddy-b and LabA are full time professional break dancers, each with a record of local battling tournaments, including Masters of Rhythm that has now developed a reality show, currently flighting on VUZU, the DSTV Channel. The two artists began as street dancers but soon became professional features on TV commercials, corporate events, dance studios and television variety shows. Eddy-b has gone on to attract clothing sponsorship for himself and his residence crew, Most Wanted through Butan Wear which led to their participation in the 2011, Joburg Fashion Week held at Fashion Kapitol in the Johannesburg district.

Some of the world's best break dancers, hip-hop performers, graffiti artists, Djs, decision-makers of the U.S entertainment circuit, as well as the general public are

expected to attend this exciting event. Mzantsi Motion hereby presents organizations with an ideal opportunity to showcase its social goals & objectives.

Sponsoring participation of this event will give any institution, agency or company excellent visibility, brand strengthening and interactive communication through dance on the Mzantsi Motion's Facebook group page and Twitter updates.

For sponsors in any capacity, we believe that this event can become a virtual journey by social networking & break dancing abroad, so if you have a smart mobile phone, a computer with internet connectivity, an iPad, a tablet or Android, do FOLLOW us to witness first hand as the craft of b-boying cross oceans to stake a claim for Mzantsi's place in international break dancing. In the scope of acquiring sponsors, we also invite any media keen on accompanying us on the event for a fresh scoop if not score content for your entertainment platform.

The call for sponsors is now open and thus we invite you to participate in this worthwhile event by charitable donations OR make a pledge in the name of break dance entertainment.

Your donations and pledges from R5 and above will be used to raise funds that will cover Flight Bookings, Accommodation & Food to the value of 5000USD (33,393.0 ZAR) per dancer.

For further information regarding the event please go to the following link:​roastthemost

If you would like to become a sponsor or need more information, please contact:

Edwin (Eddy-b) Sebilwane

Co-Founder - Mzantsi Motion

phone: +2773 249 8278

fax : +27865167329

e-mail: / ."



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