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The Story

The Wendy Walk Was founded in 2010 by Ali, Matt and Jackie Landes to help try and save their mom's life in her battle with Liposarcoma Cancer. The Wendy Walk raises funds and awareness for rare sarcomas through its nationwide events. The Wendy Walk has its major four events in the spring which are walks in Los Angeles (May 4th) Miami (April 13th) New York ( April 27th) and Park City (August). These walks have raised 2 million dollars to date for research. Unfortunately, Wendy Landes passed away in March of 2013, but the walks continue to honor her memory and help all of those affected by rare cancer.

The Wendy Walk provides hope, strength and comfort to those fighting rare sarcomas. In response to the isolation and hardships that undoubtably accompany rare cancers, The Wendy Walk works to promote compassion, empathy, positivity, and most importantly a sense of community to demonstrate that individuals and families affected by orphan cancers can still maintain a life of joy, athletic activity and connectedness. 

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Walking for Papa

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