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Raise My Oar

Raise My Oar Photo

The Story

Raise My Oar is a Cox Crew Auxiliary fundraiser for JV/Varsity families to raise funds to cover the cost of a $350 sweep oar. This one-time contribution to the team (via the Cox Crew Auxiliary) ensures that current and future rowers can keep our oars in the water. The Cox Crew Club is a recognized student club dedicated to the sport of rowing at Cox High School. As a club sport, the Cox Crew is not financially supported by the Virginia Beach City school district. Our student athletes are supported through the Cox Crew Auxiliary, a parent-run 501(c)3 organization dedicated to raising funds in the community to ensure student access to the amazing sport of rowing. Cox Crew Club is a school-year round sport. We compete on the water in the fall and spring and we train and compete indoors in the winter season. I practice five days a week, all but three weeks of the school year, and participate in an average of 10 regattas (and indoor rowing competitions) on weekends throughout the year.