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Raising funds for four fatherless kids

Organized by: Femisha Taylor

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Please HELP and SHARE! This campaign is for my four grandchildren, all under age of five.  Any amount will be appreciated! Their father, my son-in-law, Johnnie Tremaine Johnson,  Age 27, died suddenly of a heart attack on Thursday, May 12, 2016.   It hurts so bad. Words are hard to find. I wake up each morning to eyes already filled with tears.  I received a call from my daughter, Cycelie, screaming, "Mommy, Mommy, Johnnie had a heart attack! Come get the kids" I immediately left my job. But, when I arrived to their home, she wasn't there. She had placed those kids into the truck and driven quickly to the hospital. When I arrived to Fla Medical, I saw their truck in the Emergency area. The kids were inside. My daughter was sitting on the bumper, crying. She said, "He's still unconscious. They won't let me see him".  Nurses were asking if we wanted water and assuring us that the Doctor would talk to us soon.  Eventually, we were escorted to a private area. Once again a tray with bottles of water were being offered. Assistance if needed, was being offered. (All of this seemed so out of the ordinary for an ER visit). My daughter was hyperventilating and crying none stop. My granddaughter, only 4 years old said, "Nanner, my daddy had a heart tack."  Minutes later, the charge - nurse entered the room to say, "We did 100% for Johnnie. But when the paramedics arrived (at the house) he had NO PULSE. NO HEARTBEAT. When he arrived at the hospital, he had NO PULSE NO HEARTBEAT. The doctors have him in the CARDIAC OR. But, it's up to Johnnie to come back. He is only 27 years old. We are giving 100%". Then, she gave my daughter the $60 and the wallet that he had on him when he arrived to the hospital.  Soon after, we were taken to the OR Family Waiting area to wait to see the doctor. Time seemed to stop. Then, in comes three doctors (two males, one female). One of them said, "Johnnie ' s heart had an artery that was so severely blocked there was nothing we could do. We wanted to start a pacemaker, but we couldn't because he had had been unconscious too long and the brain was alreasy severely damaged because of that. I'm so sorry. I dont have good news. There was nothing we could do." It hurt so bad to witness my daughter's grief. The four kids Diana 4, Elijah 3, Bryce 20 months and Lyrik 8 months, were all crying. It was so hard to witness. These kids could feel the pain. It was so sad.  My daughter, had to be admitted to the ER, to help stabilize her. It was so said to see the pain and sorrow she displayed. And when the nursing staff placed her in a wheelchair to take her and those of us with her, to see Johnnie - again, to witness her broken heart, was so painful.... When we arrived in the room, that viewing was heart wrenching. I wasn't much support for her at all, because this was the person she shared four beautiful kids with. This was the man  who just 48 hours earlier, told her to help him find a second job, so he couldwork while she stayed at home to raise their kids because daycare was too high. This was the man who donated blood earlier that same day to put money into her hands for the family. This was the man who loved her and their kids to pieces. This was the man who was helping the family to relocate to more affordable housing. This was the man who was going to use money from his check, next week, to fix the AC in the truck. This was the man who always pushed one cart while she pushed the other, to buy grocery for their family of six. This was the man who played with his kids every single day. This was the man who just earlier that day asked all of them to lay in the bed with him. This was the man who loved her. This was man she loved and still does. If only you could've witnessed the way she stroked his face and chest as she rested her head in him. Lord Jesus. It was hard. Johnnie was only 27.  He wasnt worried about dying. He had big plans for the family. A trip to Disney World was in the works. And Christmas, although he went all out in 2015, this year was going to be even bigger. But, all of that has changed. He is gone.  Johnnie can't help with anything anymore. My daughter and the kids are in need of a home, clothes, food, toys, carseats, everything imaginable.  Please donate any amount you can. I startes this campaign because so many have asked how to donate.  Thank you so much from me, My daughter, Cycelie Nicole and the fours kids, Diana Nicole Johnson 4-1/2year, Elijah Edward Johnson 3, Bryce Jamal Johnson 20 months and Lyrik Maria Runea Johnson 8 months


Organized by

Femisha Taylor

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Femisha is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Raising funds for four fatherless kids.

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