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Raising money to continue on the case of me baby death.

Organized by: Alexies Woods

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dhi I'm Alexies and I'm 19 . I'm really indeed of money to finish the case with my baby death . In 2013 I was 15 and pregnant , as we got closer to the due date my midwife told me she'll induce me April 11 and I should have the by April 12 , but I ended up having her April 13. She told me that I was not going to be able to push and that I was going to just get c section. When the time came I still ended up trying to push a eight pound baby out . I don't remember much but I remember one of the nurses called my midwife on the phone to come give me a c section and my midwife told the nurse to keep making me push , she was not there and I was pushing really hard , they told me I was because of the bowl movements I was doing. While I was still trying to push out the baby another nurse asked me if I could let another woman use the operating room because my midwife still wants me to push and that her baby was going to die if she didn't get cut right away  I agreed and let the other woman go since I was still pushing .hours went by my my midwife showed up , she figured I would need a c section because the baby head would go in and out but won't come all the way down . After she told me I was going to need to get cut I still had to wait for hours because they had no operating rooms available . I notice my baby was at the top of my stomach and bawled up tight , when It was finally time to go get cut and have the baby I didn't hear her cry or doctors say anything then when they stitched me up and all that they told me she didn't make it and I was just so shocked I didn't know what to say or what to do I just wanted my baby in my arms. So we started questioning the doctors and they said they were shocked And that they never seen anything thing like it , they did a autopsy and found nothing wrong they said she was healthy and fine but i thought well shouldn't She be living and I was hurt my heart was crushed knowing that the doctors didn't  know what happened that they have no clue and I was stuck with any answers about my baby death . They had a specialist to look at my baby he said that he seen nothing absolutely wrong and that the doctors might have kept her in the womb to long , which I was thinking that had to be the problem. Week later we raised money and buried my baby the lawyer told us that he went to court and that it was done it wasn't the hospital fault , months went by we thought it was all over still didn't have answers about my baby's death . It's really hard to live with yourself knowing your baby died and don't know why in fact no one knows why . April 20 2016 my lawyer called us for a meeting we thought it was good news hopefully they found out what happened to my baby but nope it's still not the hospital fault still don't have answers he told me My mom and I he was going to need more money to go on with the case and that he's going to get a specialist from newyork to look into the case and he also told us we were going  do a lawsuit and that 9 out of 10 we were going to lose and have to pay 1600 dollars and something if we lose , but I pray to God they find out what happened to my baby . It's not about the money I just want answers to my baby's death and it's a shame the hospital left my worrying and clueless  for the pass three years not taking responsibility of my baby's death it's just sad , and if I don't get justice for my baby im not giving on my baby I'm going to get to the bottom of this and have answers for my baby's death ain't no way your child just die with out a reason in the world it just don't look right at all . So if you can help me with funds or advice or help I would really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.



1% Raised of $2,000 Goal

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Organized by

Alexies Woods

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Praying you get closure Blackie!! ð 2 years ago

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