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First of all thank you for taking the time to even follow the link to get to this page! With all of the crap (err...stuff.. maybe?) that is consistently demanding your attention from your Facebook and various other social media websites I am truly honored you took the time to click on this link, YOU ROCK!
So here's my plan, for awhile now I've been thinking about dedicating my birthday to something larger than myself. I'm pretty fantastic and all and even though my birthday only comes around once a year I know what makes me happiest is giving back and who doesn't like to be happy on their birthday!? Exactly, nobody. So from here on out I plan on dedicating my birthday to making me happy and each year I will pick out a different organization to fundraise for! So instead of getting presents I really want whatever the fundraising goal is for the year to be met! Also as I grow older I hope to have more networks and more contacts and sincerely hope that I can raise the bar each year! AND if WE (because I certainly can't do it myself) meet the goals of the fundraiser I will do a special YouTube video post thanking everyone and who knows, maybe I'll still have a party to bring awareness to whatever the organization is for that year! I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS AND HOPE YOU ALL ARE TOO! Now please read on about this year's organization!

For the very first time around I have chosen to fundraise for the Denver Rocky Mountain Rose. This organization is responsible for holding the contest for finding the Denver Rocky Mountain Rose representative to be sent to Ireland every May as a representative among the international Irish community for the Denver Rocky Mountain region! This year the Denver Rose is Jessica Lesser, a fellow Irish Step Dancer and last year the 2012 Rose of Tralee was my sister, Tiffany Antikainen!
That being said you can probably start to connect why I chose this organization to fundraise for but, there's more.

You see my sister last year went as an international representative for the Denver Irish Community TWICE, to Ireland. That's right she made it to the final selection round! Obviously going anywhere isn't cheap especially if it's outside of the country. But this competition is unlike any other competition in the world. This competition, The Rose of Tralee, changed my sisters life drastically. The benefits of her going on this trip show each and every day and continue to do so every time I interact with her. The trip and her participation were nothing short of life changing in every beneficial way possible for her. Because of my extreme amount of pride in her I'm choosing this organization as the first organization to fundraise for. It is my hopes that this fundraiser will help aid in the costs for future Denver Rose's in their travels abroad as international representatives for the Denver Irish Community.



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