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This fundraiser is for our daughter Rowan who sufferers from Misophonia also know as Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome (4S) which there is no current cure nor designated therapies to help ease the inflicted's pain. Imagine every time you heard a certain noise an electric shock was sent through your nervous system causing you excruciating pain and rage. Now imagine this same noise is a simple sniffle made by a person with allergies or a cold who goes to school or work with you. This is what my daughter Rowan and Misophonia sufferers everywhere endure everyday of their lives. They are tortured by a world of noises and have no other solution but 'fight or flight' because there is no cure. The use of earplugs exacerbates the problem completely blocking out all noise and interaction only to make the sensitivity increase upon removal. This very rare condition has an onset between the ages of 9-12 and limits the sufferer's social interaction with family and friends, sometimes completely. Rowan's triggers are sniffling and humming but, other Misophonia sufferers cannot stand to hear voices or are able to sit with their family due to breathing or mouth noises. My daughter is one of the lucky ones who only has a few "trigger" sounds for now but, these sounds are so intense she is unable to go to school with here peers and has difficulty with social settings where these noises are sure to occur. This must be something we endure for the rest of our lives but, as I said, Rowan is one of the lucky ones who can endure voices and eat dinner with her family still. My daughter has to be homeschooled, medicated for anxiety and depression and, attend Nuerofeedback and Biofeedback weekly to maintain a semi-normal lifestyle but, it's worth every penny and minute that I have as a parent to see her thriving with such a barrier! We're starting this fundraiser in her honor to help support the research and development of therapy for Misophonia which is so widely misunderstood & misdiagnosed by un-informed doctors and schools.  Please help us in our cause and donate if you can. Our family does have its challenges with Rowan's medical expenses and education but, we recognize the desperate need for research and education for all Misophonia sufferers and pledge to donate 50% of the donations to our 2 leading doctors in the U.S. fighting to spread awareness about Misophonia, Dr. Marsha Johnson and Dr. Pael Jastreboff who are on the cutting edge of research and support for this dibilitating disease. Another 45% will be used to start local Misophonia Awareness in the Houston area which will reach out to our schools, teachers & pediatricians to help shed light on the condition. The last 5% will be used, of coarse, to help Rowan thrive with experimental medical treatments and schooling expenses. Please help us spread awareness on this life altering disease in honor of Rowan, who will amaze us all in her struggle & perserverance! 

Thank you so much for your support!!  Rowan's proud Momma, Heather Clark.



3% Raised of $5,000 Goal

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Heather Clark

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Zargus ;)

Zargus ;)


4 years ago

Heather Clark

Heather Clark


We love you, Rowan! 4 years ago

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