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Randy's LA Marathon Charity: Worm Free World

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EVENT: Honda LA Marathon 2012

Randy Hampton


I am raising money for a non-profit organization started by one of my science colleagues, called Worm Free World. The goal of this organization is to RID THE WORLD of WORM-BASED PARASITES. Now you might say "what? Is this important?" You BET! It is estimated something like 1 BILLION (that's with a B) people are infected by parasitic nematodes (that the fancy term for these worms). Although it may not affect most of the people we know here in the US (but that is not an ironclad rule), the prevalence of these maladies in the "third world" affects us all in terms of decreased global quality of life, economic and health impact, and the general spiritual malaise that arises from ignoring something huge just because one is not directly affected. I am running the LA Marathon, and am hoping that in solidarity for my voluntary acceptance of pain, you will donate to help the 100s of millions of others who are involuntary sufferers of the parasitic diseases that Worm Free World is hoping to eradicate with basic research, public outreach, and practical implementation. For more information see and donate today. And come watch me wobble along the beautiful LA course! Last year it was torrential rain the whole way, so anything can happen; including helping those far away in great need.



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Randy is working on selecting a charity so you can support Randy's LA Marathon Charity: Worm Free World.