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CROWDRISE : Dec 05, 2012
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Our Mission

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Mozilla Firefox is donating an extra $50,000 to the charity that raises the most money through January 10, 2013--and I want to win that extra money for Operation USA, an organization that I have supported for many years. Please help me get there--and give as generously as you can.

What We Do

The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States (“The RWC”) was established in May 1981 to educate the American public about the heroic and humanitarian actions taken by Raoul Wallenberg. During the holocaust, he saved the lives of more than 100,000 men, women and children. Today, Raoul Wallenberg’s name is known around the world, and he is honored by nations spanning the globe. Much of his recognition has come about because of the work of the United States Committee.

The Raoul Wallenberg Committee (“The RWC”) of the United States is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt non-partisan and non-sectarian organization that is dedicated to educating the world about Wallenberg’s selfless and brilliant deeds during World War II; to his fate, following his illegal arrest and imprisonment in 1945; and to the example his courage and humanitarianism that each of us must strive to emulate in our own life. Knowledge of this Swedish hero is a truly precious legacy that must be passed on to future generations.


A Study of Heroes: A Program that Inspires and Educates Through Heroic Example

A STUDY OF HEROES serves as a living monument to Raoul Wallenberg’s humanitarian values, deeds of courage and nonviolent heroism.

HEROES is a unique academic and character education program (K – 12+, Adult) revitalizing the tradition of real heroes, role models drawn from diverse historical periods, ethnicities, and areas of accomplishment. This multicultural, interdisciplinary program integrates:

Social Studies & Conflict Resolution;

Reading, Writing, & Language Arts
Character Education
The Arts
Ethical Research Strategies & Skills
Service Learning
Intergenerational Sharing
Analysis of “Hero” vs. “Celebrity”

Recognized for the exemplary way it merges character education with academics, the HEROES program has been used by over a million students in all fifty states in the USA in a broad diversity of settings ranging from: public, private and independent schools in inner-city, suburban and rural areas; all adult prisons in the State of New Jersey and in a Midwestern Federal Penitentiary; The Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf,(grades pre-K to 12); The Harlem Day Charter School; The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington; gifted, special education, ESL classes; libraries and teacher centers; and and in five foreign countries, including at The Raoul Wallenberg School in Sweden and the International School in Paris. A STUDY OF HEROES has been professionally evaluated in different settings with uniformly positive outcomes.

Through the example of Raoul Wallenberg and other multicultural heroes featured in A STUDY OF HEROES, students of all ages learn and develop:

  • Tolerance, Respect & Responsibility
  • Critical-Thinking Skills
  • Academic Skills & Artistic Expression
  • Creativity and Invention
  • The Difference between the Concepts of “hero “and “celebrity”
  • Strategies to Counter Violence, Xenophobia, Intolerance and Bullying
  • Positive responses to Negative Peer Pressure
  • Intergenerational Sharing
  • Family & Community Involvement
  • Leadership & Citizenship

Students have always learned by example. A STUDY OF HEROES offers educational opportunities both in and out of the classroom for the future leaders in America to learn the importance of immutable ethics, values and non-negotiable integrity. In doing so, students recognize heroes in their own families, schools, communities, cultures while discovering the hero within themselves







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