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Rasty Runs 26.2 for African Wildlife

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BENEFITING: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust USA


EVENT: Run Long Beach 2013

EVENT DATE: Oct 13, 2013

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Megan Rast wrote -

26.2 miles. It's a long, long distance. It's longer than I've ever run before, and will ever run again. The last time I tried to train for a marathon I ended up on this time around I wasn't sure I could really do it. But I've had lots of great help/tips/support (it takes a village!). It wasn't until I've gone into the home stretch - the longest of the long training runs - that I really started believing I CAN do this. But it's not done yet. I've got 26.2 miles on October 13 to find out what I'm made of.

It's an emotional rollercoaster out there. Around mile 8 I start to think why am I doing this? Maybe I can't. There'll be 18 more miles?  Yikes.  The guy who originally did this died?  Double yikes.  But I know there's folks out there who are cheering me on, and that gets me through (with the help of a good playlist!). I'm thinking for October 13, I need all the help I can get. When I hit mile 20.2 and it's the farthest I've ever run in my life, and I've still got to stride out for 6 more miles, I want to roll deep. I'm talking 100+ people who have given me a digital fistbump of support. So here's where you come in...

The cause is one close to my Rasty heart: African wildlife. Check out my video to find out why that's my cause (if you are Dartmouth peoples, you already know.  If not, learn something about's interesting, Rasty promise!) The $2620 ($100/mile) is pretty random and arbitrary, if you can give $2, $5, $10, that's awesome. If you can give more, all the more cheddar to a worthy cause.

But it's really not about the cash, you see. It's about the fact that I know that you know that I can do it. Give what you can, say what you mean, support me on race day as I find out, once and for all, what I'm made of!

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