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Elizabeth T's Fundraiser:

Help our Dog & Help Us With Our Wedding

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First off, I would just like to express my gratitude for you taking the time to listen.

This is our story. Last year I got really sick( major female issues), and it took me down for quite a while, and when I mean down, I mean it caused severe sciatic pain, I couldn't walk the pain was so severe, pain in my feet, and nerve pain all over). I didn't realize it was possible, but it is.. We went from 2 household income, to a 1 house hold income with some part time support from me. We finally figured out what was wrong with me, and started to implement fixing it this spring. I am just starting on the road to recovery. It has been a long journey but we are getting there. Things have been very tight financially because of all this though.

The money my fiance makes is going to pay our bills this month. I was supposed to be starting a very good sales job phoning businesses mostly downtown a few weeks ago, and the flood hit. The money I should have had by now was supposed to cover the rest of our wedding, and well that is not the case, and that threw us for a loop. .

Not only that, but as of Friday night, our family dog got sick Friday night, and is at the vet. As of this afternoon, the bill is at $500. It just keeps getting worse. I will know later this afternoon, what is wrong with him. Between the wedding in 3 weeks, and the vet bill, we are in big trouble.

We are both self employed, so we don't qualify for any loans.

There is no money to finish paying for the wedding, and now the last of our money has gone to paying the vet bill to find out what is wrong with our little guy. Our parents are both tapped. We cut so many corners and we can't go back now, as people have booked plane tickets, booked trips, paid for hotel rooms, etc, not to mention there is a family member who is hanging on by a thread just to see us get married.

We made sure not to plan a massive wedding or anything that we felt we couldn't afford. We didn't plan on any of this happening this last month, just as we were starting to get back on our feet.

I am very disheartened, because I am an honest person, and even though we had a run of bad luck with me getting sick, I picked myself up. I am getting better and set myself up to make some good money, and now I have to start off from scratch, and there is no way now we are going to have money to pay for the rest of the wedding that is in 3 weeks. Just when we thought things were getting better, it was one thing after another this spring. I just really want our day to be happy, and I want the stress to calm down.

This is causing us so much stress on both of us, and my kids are stressed. Everyone is either crying or fighting because of the tension around here. We are a few short weeks away, we should all be happy instead of stressed beyond belief. For anyone who wants to donate to help us out I would so appreciate it. I don't like asking for handouts, but I was told this might be a good way to raise money.

Just to give you an idea, we have to finish paying for the hall, the church, the tux's, shoes for 4 of us, the rest of the food(we are bbq'ing), getting my wedding dress sized, and the cake. There is no one to do mine and the girls hair either, and we don't have rings, or a photographer.

There is also the help with whatever else needs to be done to help our little man. We will know by day's end, and I will keep you all updated as to what is going on, and how much more we still need to come up with to help him.

I just want something to give, and I am praying for a miracle here. If you can help at all, I thank you. If you can't if you could please pray for us. We need all the prayers we can get. Thanks in advance.

Take care & God Bless



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