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Promotions: Be the class that raises the most money from 9/9 at 9am ET to 10/30 at 11:59pm ET and you'll Win a Skype Phone Call with Kristen Bell. See below for rules.


Raise at least $50 from 9/29 at 9am to 10/3 at 11:59pm ET and you'll be entered for a chance to Win an iPad Mini. See below for rules.


Register above to be part of the movement that is teaching our kids to believe "I MATTER"


9:00am, Check-in begins at 8:00am


Click here for a Map of Booth Park,  Birmingham, Michigan


Do you remember the first time you knew you mattered?

Not simply that someone, like a teacher, parent or friend, told you, but that you knew, deep inside, that you and your life mattered? For children, this moment of awareness can be the most defining development of their young lives, and can shape the paths they take, the relationships they form and their inherent self-worth. 

iMatter for Kids Motto is:

• Be Kind
• Be True
• Be "Greatful"
• Be YOU!

This motto is already inspiring kids to create balanced lives that are centered on being happy, whole and healthy. iMatter for Kids does this through fun, creative and safe programs that promote responsibility, leadership, creativity and accountability.


Learn more about this amazing program at:



Founded on the principles of the iMatter™ program, iMatter for Kids™ is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization established to help kids realize they matter.

Rules: Win a Skype Phone Call with Kristen Bell

Rules: Win an iPad Mini


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