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CROWDRISE : Jan 26, 2014
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Reach For Tomorrow

Our mission is to improve the 3 A's of education (Attitude, Attendance, and Achievement) in rising high school youth in order to increase the size of the qualified applicant pool for college and jobs and to become good American citizens.

This is so simple and something we can do together in your community anywhere in the USA: get young people to know they have a myriad of choices for their futures and they must prepare earlier than they think before their GPAs and college board scores limit these choices.

We train students in our schools for 12 years that progression to the next level in school is based solely on meeting requirements for the prior grade. To enter 3rd grade, one must pass 2nd, to enter 9th, one must pass 8th, and so on. And most of us remember the "Junior year is the BIG year" mantra as we completed high school. However, colleges, especially the most competitive, look closely at a student's cumulative work from grade 9 through 12.

If one assumes 4 grading periods each academic year in high school, then 9th and 10th grade represent 8 leaving us with how many that "count" for college admissions officers? Think about this carefully... Most of us send in applications during the fall of 12th grade hoping for a fat envelope sometime in late winter or early spring of our senior year. That means that at best a college sees 4 grading periods from 11th grade and 1 or at best 2 from 12th grade. Now you can see the dilemma if a student waits until the BIG year to show what they can do.

And why should a student work towards "college" which to many is a word. What references does a student have outside of family, friends, and the media? Is there a purpose for getting more education?

RFT's summer college experiences immerse students in a dormitory situation with meals, classes that are mostly interactive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) labs, hands on activities tied directly to understanding basic STEM concepts such as piloting a plane (for real), sailing a ship, or snorkeling in the ocean. They use the gyms, attend athletic clinics, and use existing programs available to all college students. In fact this theme of using existing assets permeates the entire RFT strategy.

In 2006 RFT added a web based academic remediation, enrichment, and credit recovery program, Extralearning Online, so we might meet our goals for the third A in our mission statement (Achievement). The average grade level increase in reading has been 1-2 years and above 2 years in math in less than 30 hours in the program. We selected this program as it was created by grants, and it allows participants to get IT training (Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, etc.), specific career training in a variety of fields, and offers access to a live tutor 24 hours a day.

No excuses!

This is what the funds support and we welcome your help as we can stage such activities in your community and help you make a difference locally which helps our entire nation. More than 4,500 students and chaperons have participated, so we are just getting started after 20 years.





Tax ID: 54-1669576 •


Reach For Tomorrow, Inc.

Reach For Tomorrow, Inc.

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