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Reach out a hand for me, so I can help my mother

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I hope you will read this through the end. I'll try and keep it short.

I'm in need of money to buy a new car, to help my mother get about. She is ill, and keeps getting worse. She needs chemotherapy, to stabilize one of her illnesses, but that also makes other things in her body worse.. She has very difficult for moving most days, specially on cold days. (Which is like 92% of the days in a year where we live, in cold Norway.) Anyways, her body aches everywhere, specially in her joints(knees etc) and she needs me to support her to and from the parking lot and everywhere else she needs to be/go. She has a lot of doctor's appointments, and without a car...well, we're not getting anywhere. I'm young, and you might think "why not jus get a job?" Well, it's a bit more complicated than "just getting a job". I was born with a bent spine, and it's not getting any better, but that doesn't matter. The point is, it restricts a lot of job-opportunities for me. And I live in a small community where they don't have any jobs available for me. And I can't leave my mom behind just to move somewhere and get a job (I don't really have money to move, anyways)... And I WON'T leave her. I will always be there to help her no matter what. But I really can't help her this time around, and social services won't do anything to help her/us out either...

So therefore ...I'm reaching out to you, whoever you are and wherever you might be. I need your help. No matter how small or big of a donation you give, every little bit help. Thank you so much for reading this, and if you donate a little, thank you so much in advance...♥



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Janni is working on selecting a charity so you can support Reach out a hand for me, so I can help my mother.