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CROWDRISE : Jan 31, 2014
Tax ID: 41-2235848
BASED: Albuquerque, NM, United States



Adult Literacy

New Mexico is ranked 50th for poverty in the nation. Child welfare is 49th. Low literacy rates and low English language skills among the adult population are contributing factors to a myriad of social issues: gender inequality, economic disparity, poor health, and poor outcomes for children. Reading Works provides free tutoring to adults so they can change their lives and the lives of their children.

What does it mean to be low literate or a non-English speaker? Chances are you live in poverty. You are forced to take jobs that pay menial wages requiring little skill, or you do not work at all. Strangers help you fill out confidential forms at the doctor's office. If you can’t speak English, you cannot call 911 for emergency assistance. Taking medication is dangerous when you can’t read the prescription label. Many of our clients tell us they take all their daily medication in the morning because they can’t read the doctor’s instructions. Using public transportation is a challenge since you can't decipher the bus schedule. You don't vote. You are incapable of participating in your own child's education.  Most importantly, your child has a 85% chance of dropping out of school.  

At Reading Works, volunteers teach reading, writing and English speaking skills to adults from ages 19 to 83.  Our program was recognized by the Library of Congress as a Best Practices in Literacy Honoree in 2017.  Using our own "12 Weeks to Reading" phoenmic and alphabetic course combined with individualized curriculums for our students, Reading Works is successful. Our clients learn life skills, get jobs, vote, read to their children, become US Citizens.  




Tax ID: 41-2235848 •


adult literacy = opportunity. Reading Works

adult literacy = opportunity…

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