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January 27, 2018

Fundraising efforts for Project #2 was updated and reinstated as of 01.01.18. Please donate generously to the effort.  Thanking you in advance See More


Project No. 2: Book #2 Publication 

NOTE:  I am the published author of Book #1 entitled Angels Under Siege, which can be previewed and purchased at /BookSearchResults.aspx?Search=Angels%20Under%20Siege   An autographed copy of Angels Under Siege can be purchased from the author by contacting the author at   An offer regarding Book #1 is also in the making; however, let's get to the offer below for Book #2: 

1. The Offer: An Investment Opportunity – Project #2

I am also the author of Book #2 which is waiting to be published under one of the following working titles: (1) Passion’s Fury; (2) Passion’s Frenzy; (3) Passion’s Wicked Bedfellows; or (4) Passionate Indiscretions and Wicked Liaisons. I would like your assistance in helping me to choose the title for my second labor or love. You may send your suggestions to . The name that gets the most votes will become the title of the book.

I am also seeking donations and/or investors to help me get the money to publish my second book. In addition, I need a screen-writer to help write a movie script and/or a screenplay for the book; either for the Independent Film Network; cable movie networks; the television movie circuit, or for CD or DVD sales. There are also many other projects, products, and spin-offs that could be produced as a result of this one project. The book is good enough to be made into a major movie to be seen in theaters worldwide; however, I am going to take a step-by-step approach to this project and start low, but aim high. In order to accomplish this dream, I need donations and/or investors to help me realize my dream and complete what I am dubbing Project # 2: With the working title that you chose above.

The advantage and the most important thing about this whole deal is that the success of this project is in the hands of the people (i.e., you, the investors in this project), because you will always have the power to push, promote, and sell the product to boost profits to improve your percentage of the lifetime revenue and income you will received from the project.

2. About the Book:

This naughty and wickedly sensuous novel is about a seriously wicked, married bad girl name Jackie LaShea-Brody, wife of local Judge Stanley Brody, who schemes and works overtime to destroy her competition in a casino beautiful body contest; all while having a steamy hot and passionate love affair with her best-friend’s husband, who is also her husband’s best-friend. Sit back, relax, and watch how this wonderful story about the lives, loves, passions, families, and friends of common, everyday regular folk and a few wealthy people unfolds into a story that captures real life emotion, passion, betrayal, greed, ambition, turmoil, pain, sins, wickedness, and suffering in action. It is a story that is written where real people live. In an effort to make this experience as real as possible for you, it depicts the raw, down-and-dirty conduct and behavior as well as the faith, love, hope, joy, integrity and goodness of real people, while incorporating some of the raw dialect and language that real people sometime use to get their point across. You will enjoy the read as well as the motion picture when it is produced.

3. The Problem:

The problem is I have very little money to allocate or spend on this project and I also cannot afford the necessary costs to get the type of loans needed to pay for, support, and sustain all of the steps that it would take to see this project to completion. Therefore, I need your help.

4. The Issue:

There are many people out there who have wonderful talents that are going to waste because they have no money to allocate to turning their dreams into a reality. They are either too busy living from paycheck-to-paycheck, or, they don’t have the time or the type of support systems in place to help them achieve their dreams. In addition, there are many hurdles that one needs to overcome just to get the recognition for the products that you create. This could mean spending years in limbo, years of being vulnerable to the horrors within the film industry. This sucks! The reason why you should care is because due to the uncertainty of the economy and other negatives, not being able to realize a dream and/or YOUR dream could happen to any of us. “But for the grace of God, there go I.”

5. The Solution:

I need your help and assistance in the form of donations and investments in the production of the project. First, I need donations or investments to help me get the book published. Secondly, I need a screen-writer to write the script or help me write it, with very little or no upfront compensation and/or as an investment opportunity (i.e., to receive a percentage of the profits/money that the movie makes and/or to receive a percentage of the revenue, royalties, and residuals that the movie brings in for a lifetime) in return for writing or helping me to write the screenplay. Lifetime revenue/profits, royalties, and residuals can run into six figures and/or multi-millions of dollars. Those who wish to donate to the cause may donate any amount they choose. An initial donation of $30,000 is needed up-front for the start-up costs in Item 5 below.

However, those who wish to invest in the project to receive a percentage of the lifetime profits, royalties, and/or residuals, can invest in the project according to the investment guidelines in Table 1 and Table 2.  Please send an e-mail to for a copy of these two tables.   

6. The Impact:

Your generous donations and monetary investments will help me and many others realize a dream. I have also established a business, Tuccinni’s Small Business Loans & Legal Fund Center, LLC, hereinafter,, to help other no, low, lower, and middle income people realize their dreams and receive a fair shake within our justice system; as well as help them plan and establish their own businesses. This will increase opportunities and help them become more independent and self-sufficient. Much of my individual profits received from this project will go towards funding this business. This, in turn, will empower others to realize their dreams and support themselves and their families, which will increase feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, and empowerment. Much good can come from this; therefore, please do not hesitate to donate or invest, because much care will be given to your generosity.

7. What is needed and how it will be used:

 (1) An initial donation of $4,800 to $7,500 is needed up front to get the book published and start the distribution and promotional processes.  After the book is published the following is an idea of what will be needed to move towards the production of a movie adaptation of the book:  (2) a donation of $4,800 is needed to hire a screen-writer to begin writing a movie script; (3) $5,200 to hire a good entertainment lawyer is needed for advice, copyrights registration, and WGAW registration to help get the project off the ground; (4) another $78,000 is needed to cover initial costs for advertising; film consultation; security services; a good accountant; to hire an agent; a copy editor to professionally edit/re-edit book for publication and distribution; and other related expenses, which (5) totals $93,000. We will also need a continuous source of donations of money to fund the project to completion (i.e., to pay the people in Item #9 below when they are eventually hired to do the job); and other resources such as actors and actresses (willing to get involved in the project with little upfront compensation); and to pay for equipment, hardware, software, space, and other consulting, volunteer, and other professional services.

Donations can also be made by contacting Ms. Thomas at Our primary objective is to achieve our goals by completing and offering you and the general public a quality, efficient, unique, and well-produced movie at a reasonable, affordable cost for contributors and investors in the project; where everyone involved comes out a winner.

8. Qualifications of the Individual Making the Offer:

As previously stated, I am the author of Angels Under Siege, which can be previewed and purchased at /BookSearchResults.aspx?Search=Angels%20Under%20Siege   An autographed copy of Angels Under Siege can be purchased from the author by emailing her at  

I am also the author of another book waiting to be published under one of the following working titles: (1) Passion’s Fury; (2) Passion’s Frenzy; (3) Passion’s Wicked Bedfellows; or (4) Passionate Indiscretions and Wicked Liaisons. I would like your assistance in helping me decide the title to give the second book. You may send your suggestions to

I am also the Owner/Founder/CEMM of Tuccinni’s Small Business Loans & Legal Fund Center, LLC; hereinafter,  I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Liberty University and a Paralegal Honors Diploma from Professional Career Development Institute, School of Paralegal Studies in Atlanta, Georgia. I am also currently working on a Masters Degree in Business Management (one course from completion) at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. I also have various Certificates of Completion from other Entrepreneur Training Programs.

 I am also a good person—one of the nicest people you will ever meet—and I have not wronged anyone.  I am not now nor have I ever been a criminal. I am not now nor have I ever been into wrongdoing. I am very honest and I am not now nor have I ever been a thief or a liar.  I have always been drug and alcohol free and I do not smoke; and I do not judge people who do.  I am also a Christian; however, I have very strong opinions and I don’t mind airing or stating (venting) them; but please don’t hold that against me. I am also not a perfect person; but who is? I am merely a work in progress working towards perfection.  However, it should be known that there are probably some angels some where in the universe who have committed more offenses and transgressions against others than I.  I have never been out to hurt anyone nor make any enemies; however, enemies can be made without doing one wrong thing to anyone.  Therefore, none of the above nor any unfounded, ridiculous, vicious, malicious lies and deceit (and no other foolishness set up by, invented by, thought by, done by, assumed by, or CAUSED by others, etc.) should stand in the way of my dreams nor any of yours.  Now, put yourself in my place and understand that life happens.

Continuous education and upgrading of skills will be required of me and all Independent Contractors involved in completing this project. The advice and assistance of experts and others in the film industry will be sought whenever necessary.  We will also abide by a Code of Good Conduct, Business and Financial Ethics, where clear and accurate records of all financial transactions will be required.

9.  Future Paid Positions Needed for The Project

 A.  Chief Advisory Committee Members

Chief Executive Project Coordinator (CEPC): Owner/Manager: (Initially in chargeof managing the coordination of the project and putting all pieces in place for smooth operation of the project.

2) Chief Legal Council (CLC): Entertainment or Intellectual Property Lawyer in charge of all legal matters and in an advisory position for the project.

3)  Chief Public Relations Manager (CPRM): Responsible for public relations (PR) and finding vendors and independent contractors for the project.

4)  Chief Security Manager (CSM): Will provide investigative services as well as Internet, business, and home security for the electronics, computers, and networks of associates.

Chief Screen-Writer (CSW):  Responsible for the major part of writing the moviescript for the film. 

6)  Certified Public Accountant (CPA): Will be in charge of bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and all IRS and accounting matters for the project.

7)  Certified Film Consultant (CFC): Will be in charge of advising and providing information on the film industry and other related matters.

8)  Chief Copy Editor (CCE): Will professionally edit/re-edit book for re-publishing and/or re-distribution for film purposes.

9)  Certified Literary Agent (CLA): Helps in every aspect of book publishing; book deals; and walking you through the publishing industry.

10) Chief Executive Producer (CEP): Head producer in charge of producing the movie

11) Chief Executive Director (CED): Head director in charge of directing the production of the movie

 12) Chief Advisory Committee (CAC): Will consist of all of the above Eleven Member Team collectively.



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