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Real Life 101, a 501(c)(3) organization, provides college scholarships for selected inner city, African American males who are graduating from high school. The organization, founded in 2000, has awarded more than 500 scholarships and over 1500 laptop computers to inner city African American males. Real Life is a national program with the mission to improve the negative statistics relative to African American males in America. Each scholarship student receives the following:

  1. The opportunity to obtain a degree of his choice (in up to 5 years)
  2. An annual scholarship of $1,000 for up to five years
  3. A laptop computer equipped with software
  4. A computer backpack
  5. A certified Real Life Mentor for up to 5 years while in the Real Life program.

Real Life 101 is funded by corporations and private donors. Real Life targets inner city students faced with financial obstacles that threaten to prevent them from attending college and expose them to falling prey to the negative statistics that haunt African American males in America.  An eligible Real Life student must be accepted into a College/University, Trade School or an accredited higher education institution. They can pursue a degree of their choice anywhere in the country or abroad.

High school counselors/teachers select students who should be considered for the scholarships. Receiving the scholarship is based upon the quality of the required 1000 word essay that each student must write and submit to Real Life, as well as completing the online application.  The topic of the essay is; “What will you personally do to improve the current negative statistics regarding African American males in America and abroad".