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Marijuana Support's Fundraiser:

Realm of Caring

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Debilitating diseases of all sorts hit hard and fast.  With 800,000 citizens of Colorado left uninsured, it is time we stop equivocating health and treatment of illness with profit. 

The Realm of Caring seeks to assist patients with illnesses who desire natural treatment alternatives, which have been approved by the vote of the people of the state of Colorado without prejudice by means of payment. 

Life is a precious miracle that deserves and demands compassion without asking how much can a person pay to get well. 

Get together citizens of Colorado, join the Realm of Caring and let the healing begin.

Imagine for a second that a plant was found yesterday in the deepest corner of the rainforest that had the ability to alleviate pain, shrink cancer tumors, and provide bio fuels, among many other uses.    There would be a corporate, industrial, pharma land grab for this plant the day after. 

Due to 85 years of propaganda this is not the case.  It is time that we exercise our rights to utilize this miraculous plant to its fullest capabilities and allow healing to begin.   

Want to help others in need? Now you can. Support something you believe in. Support cannabis treatments for patients in need.



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