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Keep Rebecca Rolling

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Meeting New Challenges!!
October 08, 2016

We want to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged Rebecca on her journey.  This year thanks to your support and a grant from Challenged  See more
Jessie Rollick



Ainsley's Angels of America is proud to support Rebecca's efforts to achieve GREATNESS!

We invite you to read Rebecca's story below and to click here to check out her Facebook page! 

Thanks to Team Hoyt VB, Rebecca was connected with Preston's March for Energy, who in-turn provided a racing handcycle to Rebecca in March 2013.

We have partnered with Ainsley's Angels, while Rebecca trains with her Dad, and with your help, Rebecca will enter as many handcycle races as possible, as well as ensure her new bike is maintained!

Handcycles come in a variety of styles, making them accessible to people with a wide variety of disabilities. Rebecca's racing handcycle is tricycle in form, low to the ground, with two coasting rear wheels and a geared front wheel powered by her arms. Of course, maintaining this handcycle is critical, as Rebecca plans to enter approximately 20-22 races per year. This page aims to off-set the cost of race entry, which is an average of 50.00, plus expenses such as transportation and hotel costs depending on location.

Who is Rebecca?

Rebecca is a 14 year old young lady who was born with Arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder characterized by multiple joint contractures, muscle weakness and fibrosis. She is missing certain nerves in her legs that caused her legs and feet to develop abnormally in utero. She was born with bilateral club feet, contracted ring fingers, ulnar deviation in her hands, hip dysplasia and a heart murmur. Her right shin bone was twisted and she had a tibial osteotomy at age 5 to cut it, turn it and pin it so it could grow back together straight. She was born with very low muscle tone and the Doctors didn't know if she would ever be able to walk.

She has undergone six surgeries that have enabled her to walk with braces. She will continue to need future surgeries to correct the bone placement in her feet. She has been in physical therapy since she was 6 months of age. Rebecca has come through three pneumonias between the ages of one and three, and currently deals with asthma, as well as leg and muscle fatigue.

None of these things have slowed her down at all. She was determined to walk even while wearing double, bent-knee casts. Rebecca began walking at age 2 and hasn’t slowed down since. Her attitude throughout her surgeries, hospitalizations and therapies has been unfailingly cheerful and positive. She has been motivated to keep up with her peers at all times. This mindset has caused her to push herself much harder than other children to achieve her goals and dreams. She loves to speed, to ride roller-coasters and goes as fast as possible at all times.

Riding with the wind in her face brings Rebecca such great joy; it just melts your heart to see her smile of happiness. Rebecca has been racing now for 4 years and has helped others realize their dreams of participating in adaptive sports through connecting them with the resources to obtain their own adaptive bikes or participate in an inclusion group.  Team Hoyt VB, Preston's March for Energy, and Ainsley's Angels have truly been a blessing to our family.

We truly appreciate your support!


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