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Rebecca's Eating Disorder Foundation raises money to help people who have eating disorders get treatment. The economy and insurance non-payment has created a crisis for people who are suffering with an eating disorder that is beyond the general publics’ knowledge.

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As the years have progressed, I have seen more and more people critically needing help for their eating disorder but do not have the financial means to obtain it. I have also seen people sent home prematurely from treatment because insurance benefits deems them well or they cannot stay in treatment long enough to build a lasting foundation for ‘recovery for a lifetime.’ Recovery from an eating disorder is possible! 

We provide partial scholarships for clients with eating disorders who want recovery and demonstrate a high motivation for recovery. We screen each scholarship applicant for motivation, determination, willingness, need, and appropriate level of care. Our scholarships funds go to established evidence-based treatment centers and programs.

We are devoted to the cause of eating disorder recovery. If you can help us with a donation at this time, we would be so very grateful. If you know of someone urgently needing a scholarship for eating disorder recovery, please have them contact us. Thank you in advance for your generous donation. You will receive a tax receipt immediately.