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Alicia Sidney-Vick's Fundraiser:

Rebuild Durham

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Alicia Sidney-Vick


A new team of artists out of Durham, NC are preparing for take-off. The team has not yet released their individual identities but are claiming that we will see big things from them. The team is reportedly composed of a mixture of Rap and Hip Hop artists, designers, and entrepreneurs. They say they're composed of some of the best "The Triangle" has to offer. Setting up for the release of a new mixtape- they are expected to do well. "The Team," which is all they have been known to go by, claim Durham is a hub for artistic genius and their showcase "will definitely stand out."

Though they seek not only individual notoriety. The team seeks to use their skills to rebuild some of the downtrodden communities of Downtown Durham. The Downtown business district of Durham is recently booming as a great deal of the beautiful historic tobacco warehouses are being transformed into artistic focal points; though the city is at a lack for stable middle income residents to support the new businesses. They realize their careers can only thrive if their is a stable community to stand behind it.

The Team seeks to use their artistic fame and notoriety to gain the resources to rebuild the houses around the community to attract greater potential for a community that is able to sustain itself. The Team does not aim to add to the problem of gentrification but has plans to work within the parameters of the current administration to potentially aid the current residents, reporting a cap income of $25,000 annually, to be involved in the rehabilitation project and for the communities to remain in their hands upon completion of the project.

The team has submitted a proposal for partnership to Marriott Intl. as The Marriott hotel is one business in Downtown Durham that relies on a strong, stable and independent community to ensure its success. The team hopes to receive positive feedback on its submitted proposal asking Marriott for $25,000 in support of its effort.

Supporting The Team is an investment with heavy perks! Being that The Team plans to travel around the world showcasing its talents and collaborating with some of the film, entertainment and arts industries heavy hitters, there is definitely room for some major advertising credits.

Stay tuned for more information.



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