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Sybille Kolaric's Fundraiser:

Rebuilding Nepal: The Next Steps

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Yoga Nepal wrote -

Dear Friends,

This is a Yoga Nepal fundraiser being carried out in partnership with the non-profit organization, The Conservancy for Tibetan Art & Culture to benefit Karuna-Shechen, the Shedrub Development Fund and Sumeru Art Village's Artist Resource Center. Please read on to find out more about the programs we want to support!

While the April 25 earthquake in Nepal had a devastating effect on the lives of many, we are encouraged and inspired by the ongoing work to help Nepalis rebuild their communities. As you may know, proceeds from our fall program in Kathmandu (just completed!) will support reconstruction efforts, and in addition, we are launching this crowdfunding campaign to provide aid to villages affected by the quake and to support the reconstruction of sacred sites.

We are raising money for Karuna-Sechen who have launched an ambitious rehabilitation program to address the long term challenges of affected populations and help them rebuild their lives. They are working in 12 of the 15 districts affected by the disaster with the objective to improve living conditions and to promote community empowerment and local capacity building. Together with local partners and the villagers themselves, they are implementing projects in six key areas: education, solar electrification, food security, health, counter human trafficking and disaster preparedness. Over fifteen years of experience have allowed Karuna Sechen to establish a collaborative team of professionals who work within local communities to identify and implement projects that respond directly to their needs. Even in adverse political situations, their projects have continued to thrive because they are community-based in scale and focus.

In addition, the money we raise will support the Shedrub Development Fund, working to support the community of monks and nuns with the reconstruction of the temples at the White Monastery and Nagi Gompa where many of us received such valuable teachings from Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Trokpa Tulku and Ani Gyan Tara.

Monies raised will also support the restoration of other heritage sites around the Kathmandu Valley. Our mentor, Anil Chitrakar is at the forefront of the effort to galvanize the community of artisans in the reconstruction and repair of several pilgrimage sites. Luckily a lot of work has been done in the past to prepare detailed documentation for many monuments that have been damaged. Many published and unpublished materials are available, but not in one location. With the establishment of the Artist Resource Center at Sumeru Art Village, a central repository of published, draft and electronic documents with detailed design and construction information will be compiled and shared with the larger artisan community. We want to support this work.

Members of our fall tour had the special opportunity to meet with artisans involved in the restoration effort. It’s been an incredible opportunity to learn about sacred architecture and how a culture is using the events of the earthquake to restore and preserve its traditions, passing on these skills to new generations of tradition-bearers.

We’re starting with an initial fundraising goal of $7,000 and a suggested donation of $15 or more.

One of our generous alums has also offered to match up to $1,008 in contributions from her friends and family!

I have total confidence that if we all chipped in and asked 10 of our friends to do the same, we will not only exceed that goal, but we can raise as much as $20,000 or more for Nepal.

Our collective contribution will make a SIGNIFICANT impact on earthquake recovery.

So please join us and make a contribution to our fundraising campaign. I know that many of you have already given to other organizations and have even run fundraising campaigns of your own, but the work does continue and your $15 (or whatever amount you can give) will go a very long way!

We’ve partnered with the Conservancy for Tibetan Art & Culture, which is a non-profit organization registered in the US to collect and distribute funds on our behalf, as they have more efficient channels to do so. You’ll see their name as well as ours on the campaign page for this reason.

As mentioned, we’re donating proceeds from this fall’s program to recovery efforts. And we’ve showed up in support of a tourism economy that has been devastated by cancellations. We’re letting the people of Nepal know that we haven’t forgotten about them.

So again, please consider making a contribution and ask the same of 10 friends. If you’ve been to Nepal with us, tell them how meaningful the experience was and why you feel it is important to support Nepal right now. Our collective energy will have a strong impact!

Thank you for your time in reading this appeal, participating in this campaign and letting the wider community know that the Yoga Nepal community cares.


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