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Reclaim Childhood, Inc.

Reclaim Childhood, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Mar 21, 2013
Tax ID: 26-3653081
BASED: San Francisco, CA, United States


Reclaim Childhood

To empower refugee girls and local women through sport and play.

What we do: Reclaim Childhood runs after-school sports leagues, month-long summer camps and leadership programs out of Amman, Jordan and targets the most vulnerable girls and women in the community, including refugees ages 6-18 from Syria, Iraq and Palestine. By running soccer and basketball leagues, summer camps, coaching clinics and mother-daughter days, RC seeks to provide the opportunity for our girls to benefit from and learn the transformational power of sport.


Why Girls? Why Sports? We believe sport has the power to inspire confidence, hope and ambition in athletes. Team oriented games at all levels provide the psychosocial support necessary to improve self-esteem, strengthen peer relationships and foster leadership. Today, girls living in the Middle East have few opportunities to play sports. RC targets girls living in the most underserved communities in Jordan, including refugees from Syria, Iraq and Palestine.


Sport, a language spoken by everyone: By encouraging youth from different parts of the world to focus on their similarities, RC encourages valuable, cross-cultural dialogue.


Learn more and find out how to get involved:

Tax ID: 26-3653081 •


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