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CROWDRISE : Jan 27, 2014
Tax ID: 27-1684051
BASED: Mound, MN, United States


Recycle Across America

Recycle Across America is dedicated to simplifying the act of recycling for the general public to help them recycle more and help them recycle right. Additionally Recycle Across America is helping people understand the importance of recycling.   We are doing this to expedite environmental progress and simultaneously help improve the economy.  This simple solution is delivering profound results.

Problem: Confusion at the recycling bin equals garbage.

Confusing labels on recycling bins are causing the recycling industry to collapse

Solution:  Society-wide standardized labels on recycling bins.

Standardized labels on recyclig bins are the #1 solution for the environment today because they make it easier for people to begin to recycle right.  Recycling is the most important action society can do to simultaneously help the environment, the economy, manfuacturing and to prevent waste from going into oceans -- but recycling doesn't work if society is confused at the bin.  The standardized labels are proven to help increase recycling levels 50-100% and significantly decrease the costly garbage thrown in recycling bins.  

It's that simple.

Our Mission

Recycle Across America’s mission is to expedite environmental progress by helping recycling and next-life manufacturing become a thriving and valuable societal norm.  We are achieving this by implementing a society-wide standardized labeling system for recycling bins and introducing a celebrity led PSA campaign to help people begin to recycle right, wherever they might be.


Tax ID: 27-1684051 •


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