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RED ARENA Tax ID 26-4026721


REDArena is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of children and adults with disabilities through a unique combination of equines and related therapies. We take pride in being able to offer and variety of services to our community:

•providing facilities for equine-assisted therapy and equine-assisted activities
•empowering people with disabilities with opportunities for social, recreational and life skills experiences.
•providing sanctuary and rehabilitation for abused and neglected horses for service to people with disabilities.

REDArena currently serves riders who participate in physical, occupational or speech therapy sessions while on the horse. The dynamic motion of the horse is not only an extremely effective tool to improve strength, balance, coordination, communication, confidence; it is an incredibly empowering activity for the rider who deal daily with physical, mental or medical challenges.

REDArena also offers a free program for students who are blind and visually impaired to gain hands on experience and training in the horse industry. We are continually developing life skills programs.

REDArena depends on the wonderful volunteers who commit more than 100 hours per week to assist in riding sessions and horse care.