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Raising the Bar on Indigenous Batwa Education in Uganda

www.redemptionsongfoundation.org Tax ID 47-1809140


RSF focuses on child and adult education, community development, and empowerment of a marginalized tribe - the indigenous Batwa (Twa) "pygmies" of southwest Uganda, just outside of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. They were evicted from their ancestral forest homeland when the national park was established in 1991. They lost their right to hunt, gather forest products and medicine, and live in the forest. Since then, they mostly live in poverty. Only 3 have graduated from university in the entire nation. 

RSF works primarily with a small village called Kalehe. We host a weekly Educational Soup Kitchen. We (you actually) sponsor all the kids in school and are seeking sponsors. We buy baskets from the community and sell them in the US, expanding their income capacity which empowers them in several ways. The adults guide our development projects, from building a bridge to building homes for single women who were previously without homes. We help HIV positive women get the care they need at the local hospital. We teach about hygiene and health. We love them and advocate for their needs, as they request us to. We run a cmmunity center home that hosts our soup kitchen and has kids over daily when on school breaks. It is a safe space for them to play soccer, learn to write and speak English and get healthy snacks.