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We provide non-profit organizations with the professional media materials they need to bring their vision to life.  Various ways in which we support the aim of the non-profit organizations we work with include, but are not limited to:  TV ads, web-casts, documentaries, and underwriter solicitation.  One goal is to support their cause with a clear, concise portrayal of their mission.  Reel Change is dedicated to helping non-profit organizations raise the necessary funds to increase public awareness and educate their intended audience. In addition to media and web production, Reel Change can publicize the produced media in any manner of distribution, including but not limited to; cable or national networks, independent films, and web or print publication.  Through our vast corporate network we directly aid Third World organizations by bridging the gap between those who need help and those who can provide it. has partnered with KHFoundation of Tmbuktu, Mali, Africa to help build a water well, a K-12 school, and a medical clinic in the village of Tamboulze.  In March 2011 an in country needs assessment was conducted by Reel-Change.  Water, clean or otherwise was glaringly absent.  Mali is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. It is also a very young country, with 47.3% of its population being under the age of 14.  The US Global Health Initiative report mentions that 38% of all children in Mali suffer from chronic malnutrition and has the 4th highest infant mortality rate in the world.  The lack of access to clean water contributes to morbidity and mortality. In 2008, only 36% of the population had access to an improved water source.

Currently the community of Tamboulze is approximately 2,000 people.  This number is expected to grow dramatically as part of the Niger river is in the process of being damned.  This will cause people who currently live on the river’s shore to be displaced in land to the village on Tamboulze.  The water well can’t supply enough for those who live in the village at this time.  Crops and livestock have withered due to lack of water.  Our hope is to tap into the deep water table at an estimated 60meters below the surface. is fundraising to first build a water well in the village of Tamboulze, followed by a K-12 8 room school and a 12 room public health clinic.  Other projects in the Timbuktu region Reel-Change is interested in assisting with are:  inception of a waste management system and preservation of local cultural artifacts.