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70 to 80% of people want direct democracy. We need 10 000$ for phase 1 of project,(login and question 1 data base). We expect 100 000$ a year for development.



We want to update the web site of the MOVEMENT FOR A TRUE DEMOCRACY non-profit organisation
Qualitas Production is a branch of Qualitas Distribution, a well manage production company.
Previous results are very positive: Near 80% of people vote for a direct democracy on our beta test web site: INTERNATIONALREFERENDUM.ORG. 
And we now want to procede with web site development with Phase 1.
Because the previous results of the referendum are very positive. We want to build a multilingual new Wikimedia base web site with international to municipal referendum.
Your financing will provide a direct democracy international base for all citizens of the world.
But we cannot develop this web site fast enough without your help!


What we nee: 

Phase 1 will required 10 000 $ for development (login and question 1 local data base without third party advertising).
We will need a 100 000 $ a year to continue phase 1 to 10 development.
We will also need 1000$ a year for each required server after the web site official launch.
This will be a unique and complete web site for on line democracy for every one.
All money will go to the development. More money we get, more faster the web site could be developped. Extra money will go to the promotion of the web site.


The impact

In the context of Occupy movement and arabic revolution it is now important to give a voice to the population.
So really democratic governement will need to obey to the 100% not only the 1%!
We manage many web site for many years now and already start working on this new project. So, you could be confident for the development of this new web site.
We just need money to pay the staff.


How to help:


Whatever you give money or not, please send this page link to all your family and friends.
And don't forget your social media network!
And if you want to be a volunteer visit our web site at: MOVEMENT FOR A TRUE DEMOCRACY


Many thanks!

Yves Marineau

Senior manager



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