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Refugee Camp/schools Donation Request List

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We are coming together as one global family to join hands and pour love into the Syrian Refugee crisis.

Syria crisis: Fast facts

• 13.5 million people in Syria need humanitarian assistance due to a violent civil war.

• 4.8 million Syrians are refugees, and 6.5 million are displaced within Syria; half of those affected are children.

More than 15,000 children have crossed the borders to escape Syria alone and are now trying to find their wa

Why are Syrians fleeing their homes?

• Violence: Since the Syrian civil war began, as many as 386,000 people have been killed, including nearly 14,000 children, says the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The war has become more deadly since foreign powers joined the conflict.

• Collapsed infrastructure: Within Syria, healthcare, education systems, and other infrastructure have been destroyed; the economy is shattered.

• Children’s safety: Syrian children — the nation’s hope for a better future — have lost loved ones, suffered injuries, missed years of schooling, and witnessed unspeakable violence and brutality. Warring parties forcibly recruit children to serve as fighters, human shields, and in support roles, according to the U.S. State Department.


How you can help:

We are joining hands with humanitarians, artists, social entrepreneurs, CEOs, business owners, app-creators, non-profits, coaches, inventors and gamechangers from around the world to pour love, much needed awareness and support into what (the UN has called) the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time.

Together we are helping to support 7 different refugee camps, schools, orphanages and nonprofits so that they can continue to meet the need effectively. We are helping to build items that are needed that are focused on bringing in LIFE, LAUGHTER, OPPORTUNITY, ART, DIGNITY, INSPIRATION, EDUCATION and COMMUNITY to the need. We are working to bring direct emergency aid (food, shelter, clothing, medicine, transportation, blankets, etc) for Syrian refugee families in the process of migration and resettlement internationally.

We are additionally helping to build infrastructure, websites, videos, fundraising platforms, awareness through social media, strategy development and free coaching for these nonprofits and local organizations/angels who are on the ground meeting the need.

We also want to raise awareness about the global refugee crisis, providing a voice for those who cannot advocate for themselves at this time. We have been given a platform...many of us have wide-reaching networks, and our voice matters.

This is an opportunity to create a ripple effect easily...your voice matters, your energy and love has the capacity to change lives, to bring joy, and ease to a life that needs it.

Here are the items we need, when you donate you can specify which item you are wanting to contribute to:

  • 2 laptops for school for orphans (the school currently has 1 lap top for the entire school).
  • 2 Projectors and screens
  • 750 Backpacks for students
  • 20 Yoga mats for psychology and therapy rooms at two school in Istanbul.
  • Kindergarten level school books (Math, Arabic, Science, Turkish, etc.)
  • 2 color printers
  • 2 Black and white printer Supplies to develop a classroom chemistry lab
  • 5 Globes
  • 5 world maps
  • Basic school supplies (1000 pens, 1000 markers, 1000 notebooks, 1000 pencils, 1000 packs of crayons, 1000 journals, 700 erasers, 100 packs of stickers, 1000 school folders.)
  • Small toys for student rewards

Women's Center Needs:

  • 2 laptops (access to community, communication with families, up to date info on refugee status, ability to search for jobs, etc.)
  • Sewing materials for women's center sewing project
  • 1 White Board
  • 20 Yoga Mats
  • 10 packages of markers for white board
  • 2 laptops for the other school we work with in Istanbul

For Petra Refugee camp and Idomeni and Emfasis:

  • Solar-portable-charging-systems
  • Art supplies and drawing paper/pads Markers and Crayons Paint brushes Paints Headscarves/lightweight scarves (by the hundreds, larger sized for the women to cover their heads)
  • Polaroid cameras with film (many of these families have no photographs of themselves or their children)- every refugee camp has requested one.
  • Childrens books in Arabic and Farsi, Pashto and Urdu
  • Womens Diva cups/Luna cups or Thinx Goal posts and soccer balls (buy in Athens)
  • Team soccer jerseys- if anyones company/business/family wants to sponsor childrens jerseys for multiple refugee camps.
  • Emfasis can use 100 (colors green, blue, yellow and orange- covered by Steffani and her contacts)
  • Underwear- childrens cotton underwear (1000 pairs various sizes boys and girls)


Daily/monthly needs:

  • Dry goods (pasta, rice, tomato cans, food cans, legumes, cereal, foil containers for daily ratios of food
  • water bottles (specifically seeking for mini thermos to reduce pollution, as they could replenish these with tap water which is safe to drink in most parts of Greece)
  • plastic cutlery – quantities are based on 300 pax/week- if anyone has reusable cutlery connections that would be amazing.
  • Portable clothes drying racks
  • Projector (4)
  • Sound system (2)
  • portable screen- (6)
  • (building at GBD) Laundry facilities- space built for refugees to wash clothing

    Donations needed For the School Box Project:
  • (12)Skeins of Yarn in soft pastel colors – ideally wool yarn (for finger/needle knitting and other crafting)
  • (10 reams)Plain white paper 8” by 11” to be used for drawing and folding projects such as paper air planes
  • (10 reams)Plain white paper 11” by 18” for larger drawings projects and signs (10)Colored paper for art and craft projects
  • (50) packs)Beeswax Crayons for drawing; both stick and block in standard colors
  • (50)Good quality colored pencils in standard colors
  • (5)Pencil sharpeners to fit colored pencils
  • (10)Child “proof” scissors for young children
  • (10)Glue Sticks
  • (10)Clear tape for art and crafting projects
  • (10 books)Origami paper in colorful colors and patterns 6 – 10 origami books for volunteers and older children to work from in making origami shapes
  • (10)Colorful tissue paper to make paper flowers
  • (10)Pipe cleaners for tissue paper flowers
  • (10)Sculpi Clay; non-drying clay that can be re-used
  • (10)Beeswax for modeling in colorful colors
  • (20small bottles)
  • Bubbles
  • (20)Water color sets – standard colors with large squares of paint so that they can be used a lot longer
  • (30)Water color paint brushes – more than just the one that usually comes with a paint set so many children can paint at one time; some larger and some smaller
  • (20 bottles variety of colors)Finger painting paint
  • (10 reams)Finger painting paper (large basket full)
  • Wool Roving for children to wash in sudsy water and manipulate into shapes
  • (1)Ivory detergent for washing roving and plastic tray/bin Marbles (medium basket)
  • Wood blocks for building (medium basket)
  • Wooden people and animals for imaginative play for children
  • 6 Sturdy Bolga Baskets (some large some small)to hold items from nature such as acorns, shells, small rocks and precious stones as well as for storage of craft materials
  • (2)Large Bean Bags for children to curl up on or women who are nursing their babies to relax on (3 or 4)Sheepskins to drape over bean bags which will most likely have an outer fabric of plastic
  • (10)Cushions in soft pastel colors for other sitting purposes (small basket)Small bean bags for children to toss to each other
  • Wood Table and chairs sized to young child up to middle school child Wood benches for sitting on, using as desks, and even making up mini obstacle courses for children to climb on and under etc.
  • (10 small 1 large)Lengths of play silk in soft pastel colors to use in play (such as making capes) and for draping over things (enough to cover walls and windows of 20x10 container)
  • Lengths of gauze in soft pastel colors to use in play and for draping over things (large basket)
  • Board Books in English/Farsi/ Arabic that are pleasing in their illustrations and help young child learn names of things, colors, numbers etc.
  • (5)Basic arts and craft books with ideas for volunteers on what to make with paper, crayons, paint, scissors, glue, etc.
  • (2)lavender spray (10 packs)hand wipes

  • (1)(10 short, 3 long)Jump ropes for individual children– actual rope with wooden handles 2 or 3 longer jump ropes for volunteers to turn so a few children at a time can jump together
  • Jump rope books with rhymes for volunteers to learn and recite as they play games with kids (large basket full)
  • Rubber balls in a range of sizes (10)Long bright colored ribbons to fly in the air on windy days and dance with (
  • 3)Soccer balls
  • (2)Moveable soccer goal nets OTHER Bamboo “curtains” similar to those used on patios to give some sense of a wall and to keep out the sun – could be used inside to soften the metal feel of the walls of container by hanging them from top edge using hooks screwed into corners vertical, waldorf style wooden shelving long wooden table low like a bench, that children can use as a table and sit on floor. wifi routers and a variety of charger



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