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Refugee Crisis in Greece

Organized by: Gabriela Forte

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I'm here in Greece just to go to the camps, which are not camps but piles of people together with nowhere to go. The situation is even more dire than I could imagine. PLEASE Please help in any way you can, may it be by donating and/ or sharing this with your friends. Every cent helps. After watching just now on CNN these poor people throwing themselves in helicopters trying desperately to escape the atrocities of ISIS, and some being left behind for pure lack of space, I literally have been sobbing for the last 2 hours. And that made me more resolved than EVER to go to Greece and help those refugees in every single way that I can. PLEASE please HELP as well! After a very long thoughtful consideration of the ONE way and place in which I would like to spend my actual 50th bday, I finally decided to change all plans around and go for the only way I'd like to do it: in the refugee disembarking places in Greece. After what will have been over 50 blessed days of amazingly luxurious travel, for which I am beyond words grateful for, it got me thinking, there truly is only one thing I want to do that day and that is to go and try to help give back at least a minuscule fraction of what I've (and all of us) been blessed with. So I'm going with my sister and eternal partner in crazy ideas crime Natasha Sfakianos Thelma and louiseing around Greece (don't worry, our trips end will be much more joyful than theirs :-)) We will stock up to our eyeballs on needed provisions, pile up our little Carolina Fiat 500 and floor it to the refugee camps in Greece on a peaceful all we can do to help mission. This whole situation of the "refugees", who are nothing different than you and me, has been weighing so heavily on my heart for a long time now, and daily it physically cuts me a tad deeper every time I think about them or see them. All these countries, and all these people suffering so immensely, with nowhere to go, being rejected by all, fleeing in desperation in search of a place to live, to work, to raise their children. Can you imagine being yourself in this situation? Seriously, can you? I feel a dabber in my heart every time I think of it. And yet, these people did not do ONE single thing to deserve to be in that situation, the same way that you and I did not do one single thing to deserve NOT to be in it. Be realistic, we didn't. We simply were geographically blessed. We weren't born there by chance only. And this whole story that we all wanted to help, the wars and attacks we perpetrated in the name of "freeing the people", "bringing them democracy and a better life" aham, my behind that's it. Now, those VERY people we were pretending to care so much about are there, desperate, being literally tossed from one place to another with border door over border door being closed on their faces and what do we do? Inflame the hate speech a tad more, kick up the complete disengage mode a notch up, and pretend "those people" have nothing to do with us. Let them pile up like animals, without even clothes to change, under the rain (it's winter in Europe mind you) and leave it to Greece (already pretty screwed itself btw) and turkey (another one suffering as well) to solve it on their own. That is absolutely inadmissible and it should be looked at as a problem of ALL of us. Those are not alien hateful despicable beings belonging to another hate Planet called Islam, these are people like YOU and ME and HIM and HER, fighting for their lives, for their safety, for their children, under conditions no human being should be subjected to. So yeah, enough of just watching it all from the safety and softness of my luxurious feather pillows, in which I will only be able to lie my head on and sleep in peace after I have done everything I possibly can to help. I know, unfortunately I know, that my help is a grain of microsand on a Sahara of desperation and need, but it's the micro sand I CAN, therefore the one I WILL, do. With that said, I'll finish my recovery here in Thailand for a few more days, to make sure my stomach and immune system will be ok to take the trip (it will, Thailand has been my absolute temple of healing, and I never felt so good in my life), then will stop by for some serious business meetings I must attend to in Dubai and from there, instead of going back to spend my actual bday at home in the arms of my beloved family of friends (I know you'll forgive me though), I'll fly away to Greece to pick up my sister Natasciutta and off to another SuperTonta and UberMoron humanitarian mission we goooooo!!! (Who knows, maybe I even succeed in dragging our Vassilis Skandalakis along with us as our sypermoron bodyguard) Now, here goes a desperate plea: If ANY of you would like to contribute, it would be MUCH appreciated. I give you my word that I'll buy all the provisions personally, and Natasha and I will deliver straight to them. No middle men, no nonsense. Please keep in mind these people are there with nothing, no blankets, no food, no water, in horrendous precarious conditions with nowhere to go and no end in sight. I know ALL of you can help, may it be a little or a lot, and I give you my word I will deliver everything personally in your name. And you will see it all live as I'll take videos and photos of everything for you. I will know more about exactly what to buy and how to bring it when I get to Greece next week but for now, I would DEEPLY appreciate any help you would like to send already so I can start gathering everything I can. You can use my Paypal www.PayPal.Me/gabrielaforte and I will buy the things here in your name. I will photograph all things bought and receipts so you can see everything we buy and what we are able to bring and deliver. Please PLEASE help. It is very needed. And please think for a minute that it could be you or me in their place instead. You will sleep better tonight knowing we are doing at least a bit to make sure someone else sleeps, and lives, better as well. I promise you. Thank you.


Organized by

Gabriela Forte

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Gabriela is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Refugee Crisis in Greece.

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