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Regalia Voices Choir

Regalia Voices Choir
Stuff About Me:

Our Story.



My Name is Simon Richard W.W. Founder of Regalia Voices of Africa Children's Choir.Our goal of this campaign is to help the Regalia Voices of Africa children's Choir perform in USA in 2014 and become successful international performing Choir.



Regalia Voices of Africa Children's Choir was started in 2007 as an avenue to give Children from East African countries a chance to show their talents and improve their lives.The children are aged between 8-17years.


Simplicity of life in Africa


Having been born and brought up in rural Africa,this has given us a chance to experience life in a totally very different view.Here is the part of the world where people survive under a dollar a day and its enough for a family of five or more.One dollar isn't enough in rural Africa,but just enough to put a meal on the table.Your contribution will be a great blessing to us.



Village life in Rural Africa is very fantastic.Children wake up early in the morning and start to play.There are children shouting allover as they play even before breakfast,until when their mothers call them to come and eat. Families eat together which is a common site in all African families.In africa, supper is cooked in plenty and usually it must remain to be eaten for breakfast.


You can see children chasing butterflies,wild hares,squirrels ,throwing seeds at monkeys,chicken,birds or chasing goats.Making wooden or can toys and paper footballs is a fantasy for young boys as they head to take care of the cattle and sheep.Girls dance and sing joyfully as they help with the house chores.Parents leave for their daily work in their small scale farms as others go to look for water and firewood.  


In the towns,there is the stricking similarity as most of the people having migrated from the rurla villages.

Until very recently  Electricity,water and health care were a luxury one learnt to live without.This is where we came from and now where we are now,there are new opportunities and goals.


Our dream is to perform overseas and its a dream of every African child, be it in sports,music and dance,theatre,acting,modelling or studies.We want to create opportunity to as many children as possible.

We are looking for funding to cater for expenses in participating in the 13th Fort Worden Children Choir Festival, Seattle, USA Fri-Sat, May 23-24, 2014 with Robyn Reeves Lana, Guest Conductor. 


[Zerf Concert]             

When you support us,you will impact not only the individual child but the whole society.In Africa Children belong to the society.We are "Ndugu'' swahili for relatives.Thats why plenty of tourists flock to East Africa to experience the culture and African hospitality. Touch an african child with your contribution and you will make a difference to the society the child comes from.


Our Budget & Fundraising Plan 

 Our budget of $29,500 seeks to cover the following expenses:

Return Airfare, Visa expenses
Fees related to on-site administration and logistics
rehearsal Space rental, PA and training requirements.
Lunch program and t-shirts for participating student dancers
Marketing materials for audition and performance


Our hosts are offering homestay, meals for 15 Regalia Children dancers and 4 staff For 10 days in USA.

We have every intention of running a successful Indiegogo campaign and exceeding our $29,500 goal.

If we do not receive the support we anticipate, we will shorten the group and number of days in USA in order to have sufficient funding to cover all expenses. For questions, you can reach us via the Comment box or at

Inorder to futher boost our fundraising campiaign, we will hold several concerts and  

shows.Yes we can! We believe our dream will come true.

Join us!


With our hosts in Montreal Canada During Zerf productions concert in June 2009.


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