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Scott Howard's Fundraiser:

The Regenerative Home - the future of living well on earth

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Scott Howard


The Regenerative Home Prototype combines the best technologies available that are ecological, affordable, and represent the future of harmonious human settlement on earth. Our first prototype is 90% complete, and we need your help to finish it in order to showcase these technologies. 


It's not a static design, but will continue to evolve forever as an open source set of information. We want the information of how we built this structure to be available so others can learn from and improve upon these ideas. Throughout the construction process we document in film and photography. In a subsequent fundraising effort, we will raise funds to launch the open source website where people will be able to upload revisions. This year we plan to complete this first prototype to get the ball rolling.


The Regenerative Home design uses the hiperadobe (a type of earthbag) system for the walls, and an ancient Nubian adobe vault method to enclose the space. Similar adobe vaults that are thousands of years old still stand today. The Regenerative Home uses this age-old roofing technique with additional ferro-cement reinforcement to ensure safety, longevity, and design freedom.




This research benefits everyone. Billions of people on the planet need energy efficient and cost effective homes that improve quality of life. We aspire to meet the increasing demand for buildings that provide for basic human needs without overusing earth's resources. This design uses appropriate technology with very high performance and very low embodied energy. 


Regenerative design of buildings is the best way to take care of people and the planet into the future. The word 'Regenerative' describes this approach, meaning that the design allows human lives to benefit the natural systems that surround us.




I'm Scott Howard, an eco-builder who teaches workshops and leads cutting edge natural building projects world wide. I founded Earthen Hand Natural Building in 2002 to promote appropriate building technologies through design, construction, and education. I've remained on the forefront of earthen/natural building since then by taking on projects that push the limits of what has been done previously. View the portfolio at the website link above to get a peek at my past projects. I'm now working with a team of designers, builders, and engineers on this project to help people discover healthier and happier living through regenerative design. Our team is poised to complete the prototype Regenerative Home.




By inquiring widely among builders, scientists, permaculturalists, engineers and architects, we have encountered some of the best methods that we feel need to be put to use in these times. The Regenerative Home can...


+produce food in entryway greenhouse, includes vertical gardening

+process all human wastes using botanical cells

+maintain comfortable temperatures in any climate with no accessory heating or cooling using passive heat storage

+store solar heat in vegetable oil for power, cooking, and extra heating

+illuminate using solar-based electricity and LED lighting

+catch enough rainwater for all household functions, even in arid climates

+use water many times before it leaves the home

+employ myco-filtration of drinking water

+employ myco-insulation (made of mushrooms)

+be built of almost entirely adobe (about 95%), making it more ecological

+stand up for centuries using ancient (Nubian) vault methods with extra     reinforcement

+be made with earthbag (hiperadobe), rammed earth, adobe, or cob walls 

+can upcycle bottles, cans, tiles, and other items from the waste stream

+withstand most any known earthquake, windstorm, or wildfire

+resist some amount of gunfire from the sides or back

+employs permaculture design and edible landscaping

+can be built for around 25k USD in materials

+be adapted well to any climate

+be used as a stand alone unit of 300-400 square feet, or share walls with subsequent units to create any size compound desired




The home will be built at the Wirikutu Peace Fellowship in Southern Colorado. It is the life long vision of Tetsuko who is the fellowships director, and a teacher of meditation. The vision for the land there includes plans to become an eco-village and retreat center. The fellowship is associated with the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, and is a deserving location to host our first prototype.


How we will use these funds:


The funds raised here will allow us to purchase final necessary materials, and bring the Earthen Hand team to Colorado to complete the home. 


Any extra funds over our stated goal amount will help us to improve project documentation and begin planning the presentation of our open source information. 


*Please support this research today.*


Also, remember to share this with friends!


Thank you, sincerely.



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